Posted in October 2012

Dressing Up for Halloween

I know you’re all as excited as them little ones, as this spooky season gives us all the perfect excuse to dress up as ghosts and ghouls and scare the living daylights out of each other. But this Halloween, since I ain’t going anywhere, I’ll just settle for my usual ratty shorts and shirt…hopefully that’s … Continue reading

Mystery Towers

Something strange has been happening in the Diego household. We find random everyday objects stacked up high in different parts of the house. Sometimes we don’t actually get to see the towers. We just hear the loud crashing sounds as the objects hit the ground. *Shiver* With the use of my trusty spy cam I … Continue reading

Pushing Your Limits

I know, talk about a major backlog. It’s been a very busy week for me. Too busy that I even had to work during the holiday and weekend. Glad I finally have time to tend to the blog today. I’d like to share with you an unforgettable experience I had recently. My first out-of-town bike … Continue reading

Day Off

Isn’t it nice to just slip out of the house once in a while and take a break from the craziness that is life? Not that I don’t like the craziness, in fact I thrive in it. But last Saturday just felt like one of those days that called for some much-needed “me” time. When … Continue reading

My Week on IG

I know, I know. I’m terribly hooked. You’ll definitely see a lot of similar posts in the coming days, weeks, months. 🙂 Here are some of this week’s Instagram highlights… While the family was taking their afternoon Sunday nap, I took advantage of that time to build me a castle. A yummy red velvet surprise … Continue reading

Weekend Soundtrack

This album is such a breath of fresh air. I’ve been listening to it all day to set the mood and tone for the weekend. 🙂 Music is such a powerful thing don’t you think? It subconsciously influences your attitude and the way you think even without you realizing it. One particular song that I’m … Continue reading

For a Cause

Remember that online poll that I posted recently as I couldn’t decide which Gelaskins case to get? Incase you missed that one, you can see that very short post here. Although I’ve made up my mind to get the bookcase design (thanks to your suggestions!), I’ve decided to hold off on the purchase for now. … Continue reading

Birthday Highlights

The weekend was super special for our family as our little girl just turned three! These were the highlights from her two parties. Her school party was on Friday. I “partially” made the banner that you see there. Partially because the “Happy Birthday” sign was already made. I realized that cutting all those letters will … Continue reading

Before and After

Last week I posted a pic on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to show that I can finally fit into my skimpy dress from Mango. I had no idea that posting that photo would get such wild reactions! I’m well aware that I lost weight but I guess it’s different when you hear it from other … Continue reading

A Mushroom Story

About a month ago, I received a brown bag which was attached to an invite. It was for an event that unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to as it coincided with my trip to Palawan. Inside the bag was a plastic filled with what looked like tiny white grains. Later on I found out that … Continue reading