Day Off

Isn’t it nice to just slip out of the house once in a while and take a break from the craziness that is life? Not that I don’t like the craziness, in fact I thrive in it. But last Saturday just felt like one of those days that called for some much-needed “me” time. When my kid finally dozed off for her afternoon nap, I knew momma needed a quick break. I wore my no-nonsense nanay (mommy) uniform comprised of a loose top, denim shorts, rubber sandals and my trusty bag and was out the door before you can say “Sayonara!”.

I ended up in the Tomas Morato area and settled in this milk tea place. It was empty on a Saturday afternoon. Perfect!

I tried the Joe Monkey Milk Tea with 25% sugar, by request. It was a refreshing drink for a hot and humid day.

But what I found more refreshing was the indoor grass. Artificial but still very easy on the eyes. I wish we had this at home. The kid will flip.

After enjoying my milk tea in quiet solitude, I knew I wanted to complete my little escape with a comforting massage. Right across Joe Monkey is a building with a mix of different establishments. The top floor was obviously going to be my next destination.

So before I knew it, I found myself entering these doors. 

The receiving area of Soneva Organic Spa was empty too. I’ve come to realize that Tomas Morato must be pretty dead in the afternoons. My kind of place then! LOL.

I chose the signature massage at P750 for an hour and 20 minutes. I didn’t have to wait long as my massage therapist was already at the reception by the time I was done paying and she lead me straight to my room.

In case you didn’t know, I was quite the spa junkie back then. “Was” because I don’t get the chance to go as often as I would want to ever since I became a mom and have decided to juggle the whole world. I loved getting massages so much that at some point in my life, I was once a Marketing Manager for a chain of spas. As much as I love the luxurious facilities of a high-end spa, I equally love the small neighborhood spas that don’t have space for a sauna, shower, jacuzzi. But what they lacked in facilities, they made up for with kick-ass massages enough to send you snoring to la-la land. I also go to those blind therapists because in my opinion, they are one of the best masseurs in the history of the world. When I used to travel for work, I would go to spas almost everyday of my trip to sample what the local therapists can offer and I always choose the signature massage to see what makes them so special.

But I digress.

Going back, this was my room. Blinds were drawn and the robe, towel, pillow and drapes were ready. The bed was set conveniently right beside my locker. It’s  pretty basic but sufficient enough for a relaxing experience I think. In this scenario, indeed less is more.

Changed into my robes and took this pic in the bathroom. Here’s a little story. This photo freaked me out a bit. Check out that huge stain on my sleeve. That wasn’t there before. I’ve been staring at it for hours and I couldn’t figure out why it turned out like that in the pic. This photo gave me goosebumps. *Shiver*

Fast forward to that evening, I showed the pic to my husband. He took one second to look at it and said “Ano ka ba! stain yan from the mirror! nagreflect lang sa damit mo” (that’s the stain from the mirror, it just reflected on your robe). The moment he said that I just felt like a complete idiot. LOL.

This was the conversation that followed:

Him: Wait…tingnan mo yung wall sa likod (look at the wall at the back) *concerned look on his face*

Me: What? I don’t see anything.

Him: Tingnan mo mabuti! (look closely!)

Me: *trying to see what he was pointing at and I was starting to get nervous*

Him: I SEE…..JESUS!!!

Me: Shadap.

Going back to the massage. Evelyn, my therapist was very considerate. I never knew of a therapist who would ask if the pressure was okay every 10 or so minutes. Most therapists would only ask once. Needless to say, it was exactly the kind of relaxation that I needed. The rhythmic kneading of the knots on my back was enough to lull me to sleep.

The foot massage was quite relaxing too. And I’m glad she did it last in the order of body parts. I get a little irked when therapists start with the feet before working up towards the face. It feels well, unsanitary. Sorry this is the OC in me talking.

I asked her what made this signature massage so special. She says it’s because they also use their forearms which I did notice as the massage progressed.

I also noticed how modest this spa is. Some spas would massage the breast and buttocks area, provided the clients would give their permission. When I usually get asked that, I’m pretty shameless and just let them fire away. LOL. I guess once you’ve given birth with about 10 people in the OR seeing your “you know what”, that’s enough to shake off your err….inhibitions.

Anyway this particular spa didn’t offer to massage those areas. I didn’t mind though. However, what I would have wanted was a soothing scalp massage though. That to me is like the cherry on top. My absolute favorite part of the massage. But alas it wasn’t part of the massage. But oh well, all in all, it was still a pretty relaxing experience.

After the massage, I was offered tea in the reception. This photo pretty much captures my precious zen moment that day.

I enjoyed my day off immensely, however short it was. I came back home feeling energized and refreshed. If you happen to be wandering in the Tomas Morato area, you might want to check out Soneva. Details below. Joe Monkey is right across it.

Soneva Organic Spa – Tomas Morato corner Limbaga St., 270 4th Floor, Forum Building, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Service Hours: Monday-Sunday 1:00pm – 12:00mn
Phone.: (632) 926-6249 and (632) 0917 4071129


16 thoughts on “Day Off

  1. “Momma” is pretty. And she has mad photography skills, making glamor shine out of the mundane Saturday interlude in the ol’ familiar city. I can almost hear Jennifer Lopez in the background. 😀

  2. Hahaha! Natawa nmn ako dun si mirror. Hindi kasi nagload sa phone ko yung photo. I got curious inopen ko pa talaga ang pc just to see. 🙂
    Looking good, sis! Glad to know that you get to have your “Me time” once in a while.

  3. I hope you enjoyed your Joe Monkey fix, Aimee, coz I did mine. I’m scheduled to visit Soneva next week with a tag-along. Hindi ako papayag na wala akong tea d’yan LOL!

    • It was a refreshing drink Karl. I especially liked that the place was empty at that time I was there. I was able to freely do my “photoshoot”. LOL. Hope you enjoy your massage next week! 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh that “stained” photo gave me goosebumps as well!!! Halloween na Halloween!!! Haha! You’re looking good girl! =)

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