A Mushroom Story

About a month ago, I received a brown bag which was attached to an invite. It was for an event that unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to as it coincided with my trip to Palawan. Inside the bag was a plastic filled with what looked like tiny white grains. Later on I found out that the brown bag was a product of Ministry of Mushrooms, a start-up provider of gourmet mushrooms.

I took it home, and I followed the instructions that came with the bag. I found a spot underneath the stairs that didn’t get much sunlight. Once in a while I would spray water on the plastic bag. For a month or so, nothing really happened so I thought I was doing it all wrong.

That was until yesterday morning when I saw this.

Whoah! The mushrooms are sprouting! I got so excited. Listen to me, I’m excited with mushrooms. I need to get out more often.

But the biggest shocker of all was what I saw when I came home from work that evening. From that pic that you see up there, this was how it looked like only after 10 hours….

It honestly freaked me out! I’ve never seen anything grow at such an exponential rate! Well, except for those toys that you immerse in water and they turn into a huge hand or foot or whatever. But that’s different. Naturally my imagination started running wild. I started imagining that it would grow eyes and tentacles overnight and that it would choke us in our sleep.

Luckily, we survived the night unharmed 🙂 The next morning, I took this pic. It grew a little bigger with noticeable ridges on the edges.

We have plans of harvesting tomorrow so I guess you know what we’re having for dinner tomorrow night. Gourmet oyster mushrooms that’s what! I’m checking out some pretty promising recipes here. Let’s see what wonders of a dish we can pull off 🙂


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