Posted in August 2012

Mystery Women and Tales of Seduction

I realized that I haven’t posted anything book-related recently. Nothing’s changed though. My days aren’t complete without a book in tow while in transit, or without having to flip through a few chapters before I call it a night. As for my recent reads, thanks to the recommendation of Saturdays and Other Days, I’ve recently finished … Continue reading

Bike Diaries: Road to UP

Over the long weekend, I challenged myself to bike to a farther distance from last time. Part of me was frightened to venture out into the streets again, with all those vehicles criss-crossing my path but my husband told me to trust him, so I did. This was me with my full gear on. Leaving … Continue reading


During the long weekend, took the little girl and her playmate to the Rest and Play Ribbon Playground in BGC. I love the unique design and super fun colors!  There’s the yaya resting in a large purple swirl. The little red swing Her playmate liked this huge red teardropIf only there were trees around, this … Continue reading

Dad’s Short Stories

One of the things that make me super proud of my Dad is the fact that he’s such a darn good writer. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my Dad. He managed to preserve the actual Free Press magazines back in 1970 where some of his short stories were published. Yes, 1970, I … Continue reading


Two weeks of counting calories and I seem to be getting by quite well. I’m surprised that I survived that long. I’m a snacker with a sweet-tooth. The worst kind. I can’t believe I managed to cut-down on sugar, fight the urge to snack every 3 hours and stay away from fatty food. Not to … Continue reading

Tiny Fingers

I took this photo back in 2009. My little girl was just about a month old. I wanted to memorize every dimple in her hand and wanted to imprint in my memory how it felt like when she first grabbed my finger and wouldn’t let go. I posted this photo because I had a similar … Continue reading

The Sweetest Thing

Sometimes the most romantic thing in the world, doesn’t involve grand gestures. It doesn’t involve carefully planned-out productions. No flowers, fireworks or huge theatrics. The truth is, sometimes it all boils down to that single most raw moment that is so unexpected and real, that it just hits the spot. I know…I know. Here I … Continue reading

Cheese is Fun

While I was cooped up at home over the past week, I managed to catch Music & Lyrics on TV. I’ve seen it a gazillion times but it just never gets old. It’s such a light romantic comedy, the kind you need not overthink. Plus I love anything with Drew Barrymore in it. Ever since … Continue reading


I don’t know if it’s the weather, or perhaps it’s because the little girl and I have been nursing a flu for almost a week…whatever the reason is, something seems to have dried up all of my writing mojo that I can’t even churn out a single decent blog entry. Well if you consider this entry … Continue reading

Counting Calories

Hope you all had a refreshing weekend! Unfortunately, half of the time I was just sneezing and coughing. It must be this darn weather. And all the while I thought taking 1000mg of Vitamin C is enough to protect me from sicknesses like this. I guessed wrong. I’m happy to report that I’ve been true … Continue reading