Posted in May 2012

Things of Interest

Just wanted to share a few random things… Gorgeous drop earrings from Accessorize, thanks to my friend Charity. Close-up shot of pencils that I absolutely love love love. Another photo showing the detail of these pencils. These are made from recycled newspapers. Very eco-friendly! How cool is that! Plus it comes with its own case. … Continue reading

Early Schooling + Childhood Memories

So June is around the corner and school season is about to start soon. The thought of enrolling my kid to some classes has entered my mind, although with some level of hesitation. See, my kid is just 2.7 years old. Some say that it’s just right age. “Start ’em young!” they say. Others point … Continue reading

Bike Adventures

So Hub bought a bike about a month ago and since then, he’s been biking all the time. ALL THE TIME. He even takes his bike to work (And we’re talking about a Fairview to San Juan kind of a distance here). Conveniently, he gets to shower in the office so he always brings extra … Continue reading

Midweek Dessert

For coffee break today, my colleague and I trooped over to Slice in Bonifacio High Street Central. A lot of people were tweeting, instagramming and blogging about the Choco Yema cupcake so we wanted to see for ourselves if it was worth the raves. Here it is, in all it’s oozing glazed goodness. For readers … Continue reading

Print on Print

I’ve never seen so many prints in one shirt! Which is precisely why I love this find.  Oh! the adventures of thrifting… Pardon that little pouch in the mid-section. That’s where I store all dem cookies. 🙂

Art in a Bottle cap

So how was your weekend? I was busy as a bee as I had to work on Saturday. But to make things fun, I thought I’d let my kid hang-out with me so it still feels like a weekend. Here’s a snapshot of us doing just that…”hanging out”. I’d also like to share with you … Continue reading

I Got Blogged!

I enjoy doing blog features. Every post feels like an enriching experience. When I show other people’s creative work and stories, I get inspired too. So today I guess you can say it was my turn to tell the story. I got featured! So mosey on over to Mommy Fleur’s blog to check it out. … Continue reading

Mum’s Day

So how did you guys celebrate mother’s day? Mine was all about chilling at home. The hub surprised me with flowers, and then later that afternoon we had a hearty snack and I got some much-needed snooze time before we headed for Church. Nothing grand but it was perfect. I wouldn’t have had it any … Continue reading

Inspirational Reads

I honestly don’t know what got me hooked on inspirational lit. What is the world coming to right?! I’ve never given these books the time of day. For one, they scare the hibigeebies out of me. We all know that self-help has a tendency to get a little bit too preachy, which can be a … Continue reading

The Best Journey Ever

Motherhood has been the most exciting journey ever. And although my kid is just 2 1/2 years old, everyday feels like this very moment in the photo. It was taken when she was 9 months old. And just seeing her fuzzy hair and doe-eyed expression already brought me the greatest thrills. This whole motherhood thing…yes … Continue reading