Mum’s Day

So how did you guys celebrate mother’s day? Mine was all about chilling at home. The hub surprised me with flowers, and then later that afternoon we had a hearty snack and I got some much-needed snooze time before we headed for Church. Nothing grand but it was perfect. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I’d like to share with you some cards that I did for my Mom. I wanted to do everything from scratch but since I got so busy, I just scoured the world wide web for a nice free printable one. My search ended when I found this cute design made by a fabulous wordpress blogger, Steph. Her DIY projects in are amazing! Click this to check out the lovely cards.

I just realized now that the design was was supposed to be for four cards, but for some reason I ended up with just two. See, this is me screwing up a simple project. And it’s the kind of stuff that can only happen in my universe. Hahaha. Sorry Steph. I know it’s an injustice to your glorious design but what the hey, I did it anyway. Don’t tell my mom okay?

So anyway, this is how I executed the project.  These are the print-outs. Image




So I cut out the borders….


And they end up looking like thisImageAnd this is the part where I screw up the instructions and ended up with two cards. Instead of cutting the cards in the middle, to produce four cards, I folded these two sheets. So again Steph my apologies. 🙂

Hmmm…this kind of reminds me of the time we had a project in school where we were supposed to take care of a plant and by the end of the semester, you get graded based on how your plant looks like. All the other plants looked so lush and green. Mine was the only one different. It was dead.

Moving on…Image

To personalize it a bit more, I printed a photo of my mom with the little girl. I added some squiggles on the side using a gold pen

ImageI cut it out and stuck the picture to one side of the card. This was the card that supposedly came from my kid. I had to do a child-like handwriting just to make it a little believable. What can I say…we do what we can.

ImageI got this stiff brown envelope.


And put the two cards in it and voila! Both fit perfectly inside! So I guess the whole thing worked out pretty well in the end.


I drew a heart on an orange sticker paper and stuck it on the front


And once I was finished with my card, I trooped over to the flower shop to pick up some flowers for my mom.


I got her a bundle. And when I gave both the card and flowers to her, she had that all too familiar glow in her face. The same glow she had when I used to give her drawings of stick figures when I was a kid.

I guess I’ll know what that feels like when my kid is old enough to give me something she’s made or drawn. I can just imagine myself tearing up over a picture of a giant dot. Very possible. Very very possible.

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