Things of Interest

Just wanted to share a few random things…


Gorgeous drop earrings from Accessorize, thanks to my friend Charity.

Close-up shot of pencils that I absolutely love love love.

Another photo showing the detail of these pencils. These are made from recycled newspapers. Very eco-friendly! How cool is that! Plus it comes with its own case. Also a gift.

Fifty Shades of Grey. I know! who else hasn’t read this right? To be honest, I’ve just read the first few pages. I haven’t even gotten to the steamy parts yet. Truth be told, the hype is killing it for me. There’s just too much of it!!! I already know that it is chock-full of eye-popping jaw-dropping sexual encounters narrated in horribly graphic detail. That I know. No thanks to the gazillion reviews about it.

Fine! I think I may be judging the book based on its bad reviews. LOL. I’ll just shut up and get it over with.

Oh thanks to Mommy Fleur, I am now officially hooked on Pic Monkey. That’s how I did that pretty collage you see there. Nice eh? Check it out and hope you have a great Thursday!

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  1. waah! i haven’t read thaat yet! and i am just so intruiged! hmmm… thinking of running to the bookstore now. hahah!

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