Posted in February 2012

Wild Zebra

only a onesie can get away with this wild color print combo.


Once you become a mom, your heart swells up into something so big that it has enough room to accommodate love not just for your child or those dearest to you, but as well as love for other people’s children, your elders, perhaps your next door neighbor… your girlfriends or even complete strangers with their … Continue reading


I am strangely drawn to this artwork. Something very sinister but beautiful about it. It is called The Silent Hero. There are times when I look at it and it sends shivers down my spine. But sometimes I look at it and I am in awe with the kind of imagination and thinking that went … Continue reading

The Break Up

You deserve someone better. Someone who will love you and not just leave you at home to stare at the blank eggshell white walls. Someone who will take you out to coffee breaks and fancy dinners. Someone who will take very good care of you and will preserve your classic beauty.   I’m glad you … Continue reading

Bunny Wiggles

This has got to be my favorite Tara McPherson artwork. Meet Bunny Wiggles. This doe-eyed character is a balloon with bunny ears. It looks so innocent and carefree. Also oh-so delicate because just one prick of a needle and it’s gone. Got this signed print during Tara McPherson’s recent visit to Manila.

Rag Doll

This wicked looking doll was my creation when I was 6 months pregnant. One of those, “I’m going to make a doll for my future baby girl” sort of moments. It got buried somewhere amidst all the fluff we got from baby showers. The little one found it recently and she’s been dragging it everywhere. … Continue reading

Full Color

Thanks to Pauline Balba for these artworks. She uses MS Paint. You can find her work here  or visit The Iscreamist where you’ll find her art on their wall.


James Jean signed my “Vanity” print which came in a copy of Kindling, a collection of his brilliant artwork. Chose this over the other posters, because I love how the painting depicts a woman who is beautifying herself in front of a mirror. I don’t know what the butterflies on the head represent but Hub … Continue reading

The Red Box

My magical red striped box… …holds a few of my favorite things. The Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Talc Free Mineral Loose Powder on the lower right most corner is the latest addition.  Thanks to Dome-shaped packaging is interesting. A refreshing break from the usual thick gook that I slather on my face (read: MAC liquid … Continue reading