Bike Adventures

So Hub bought a bike about a month ago and since then, he’s been biking all the time. ALL THE TIME. He even takes his bike to work (And we’re talking about a Fairview to San Juan kind of a distance here). Conveniently, he gets to shower in the office so he always brings extra clothes. He also joined a cycling group, a bunch of serious cyclists who are the weekend warrior types. They do trails and go to far off distances and have biked from QC to Tagaytay, and QC to Antipolo and back, a couple of times.

I admit, I wasn’t exactly jumping hoops the moment I saw the bike. But since the Hub seems to consider it his prized possession, the least I can do is show some interest right?  So I’ve taken it a few spins around the block. I’m surprised that I still know how to bike. The last time I was on a bike was right after I graduated College. I did enjoy the cruise so without thinking much about it, I told hub that it would be nice if I had my own bike too. Something that would suit my frame and has a seat that is not too high so it won’t hurt as much when I bike.

So guess what. He bought me a bike.

And considering the hefty price tag I now feel pressured to use it! hahaha. Speaking of hefty price tags, can you believe how expensive bikes are nowadays?!  But I guess for hardcore cyclists, they really take this whole cycling thing seriously so they pay big bucks for top-of-the-line gear.

Speaking of gear, this is me with my full geeky gear on. Okay in my defense, yes I have a belly, but it ain’t that big. I just like lose shirts when I go biking. Hahaha. Sorry defensive! But the thighs, I have no excuses for that. I’d like to think of this pic as the “Before” photo. LOL. Image

So I’ve been biking for about 3 or 4 times a week. One time I was going too fast, I hit a sharp curve and I literally flew off the bike. I FLEW. I ended up with major bruises and scratches. Everything ached. It was hell. But I guess that’s part of the fun. I just need a speedometer so I know how fast I’m going. And I need to be more careful next time.

I must admit. The bike is starting to grow on me. I don’t know if I should go as far as giving it a name. Maybe I should. That way I’d feel more emotionally attached to it and will feel guilty if I don’t use it. Speaking of biking, I stumbled on the article “Biking for Weight Loss”.   There you go, I think I just found my motivation. God knows I need to shrink those thighs.

8 thoughts on “Bike Adventures

  1. aimee, my husband is also thinking of buying one. i said, too expensive & besides i am scared to hop on one. he told me, “bilhan kita nung merong support wheels, BARBIE style!” =D

    good luck! =)

  2. I can’t ride a bike. *sigh* I’ve been meaning to learn. I was supposed to try biking when my then-boyfriend started getting into it a few years ago, and then he got into bike accident that required stitches on his head. Natakot na ako. I still want to ride a bike, though. One of these days, I will.

    • Hi Dea, yup bikes can be scary sometimes. I can just imagine the pain your ex-BF went through with the stitches. Must have been a terrible experience. Every time I get on the bike, there’s still a huge part of me that is terrified but I just try to be careful at all times. Plus the fact that I already fell once is sort of a lesson for me. Hope you’ll give it a try. It is an exhilarating experience. 🙂

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