Posted in June 2012

Personalized Wall Art

One of the bloggers that I follow, is Trisha of Playtime Break because I enjoy looking at her creative and refreshing posts. Recently she has been making the cutest printable wall art which she blogged about here.  To my surprise, she sent me this one today which she made specifically for Tala. It is the prettiest thing … Continue reading

PTA Daddy

Today we attended our first PTA meeting. Being first-time parents, we really didn’t know what to expect. In my case, my only orientation to PTAs would be those meetings that I relentlessly kept pressuring my folks to attend but they just wouldn’t. They dodged every single opportunity to attend a PTA meeting as if it … Continue reading


I’ve never read a Young Adult book, not to mention a Dystopian novel in my life. So I figured that since I wanted a refreshing read this weekend, I might as well give this book a go. It won “Favorite book of 2011” in the Goodreads Choice Awards and was a #1 New York Times … Continue reading

100th Post + Thoughts on Blogging

Almost 5 months of WordPress blogging and I have finally reached my 100th post! Imagine that. I don’t even know if highlighting the 100th entry holds any special significance but when I Googled it, there seems to be a lot of “100th post” graphic images such as this one below. So I figured hey, this … Continue reading

Stella and Rocket Room

If you walk along BHS Central, you’d be surprised at the number of restos and shops that are on the further end. Yesterday my colleagues and I went to Stella, a wood fire bistro. It is adjacent to Rocket Room, which is a bar that serves drinks, tapas and desserts.  Both restaurants are under the … Continue reading

Tala the Tornado

On weekends, our house looks like it has been hit by a tornado. Every inch of space is filled with toys, both small and big. Pieces of paper are scattered everywhere. Broken crayons find their way on the stairs, on the doorway, on the kitchen floor…everywhere. Here are some random photos that I took of our … Continue reading

Weekend Read

IT’S THE WEEKEND!!! 🙂 Yes, consider this “capitals-and-exclamation-points” overkill. That just shows how truly ecstatic I am. Nope, no big plans here. I just plan to stay up late watching TV, walk around lazily in my jammies, play lego with the little one, take the bike for a cruise and hopefully have time to curl … Continue reading

The Most Adorable Duo Ever

Sisters Lennon (12 years old) and Maisy (8 years old) have become instant celebrities having received 4.4M views on this video since they posted it in May.

They grew up in a farm in the outskirts of Toronto with no TV and internet, and they spend their free time singing and writing their own songs.

Watch and fall inlove with these two.

P.S. I’m considering throwing out the TV

Continue reading

Guilty Pleasures

Admit it. We all have those! You know, those nasty little boogers that seem so unlike our character, but are in fact very much part of who we are (whether we’d like to admit it or not). So in this post, I am going for the (dun dun dun dun) BIG REVEAL! Yes this is … Continue reading

Project: Name Tag

We got a note from the school asking us parents to help our child in a name tag project. They provided the crayon cut-out and it’s up to us parents to decorate it. As the over-eager mother, I brought out my handy-dandy tools. And started working… Since the prescribed color was red for the background, … Continue reading