Project: Name Tag

We got a note from the school asking us parents to help our child in a name tag project. They provided the crayon cut-out and it’s up to us parents to decorate it.


As the over-eager mother, I brought out my handy-dandy tools.


And started working…


Since the prescribed color was red for the background, I cut out a piece of red paper and glued it to the middle section.


I stuck yellow paper on the pointy tip and pink on the other end. Yeah, this was the part where I forgot that it was supposed to be a crayon! My mind was set into making it into a pencil. LOL. This is so typical of me. Remember my Mum’s Day post?Β Me and instructions, we don’t mix! My mind has the tendency to wander off completely.


I added ribbons on both ends and some snowflake sparklies.

I also stuck some black paper to the tip to really make it look like a pencil. Heck, since I already messed up the instructions might as well stick with this pencil thing with conviction! Here’s what I ended up with.


And since my husband wanted to be a part of the project, this was the part where he took over…


I gave him the freehand to come up with whatever font he wanted for the name. And of all the type of letterings in the world, he just had to choose one that seemed like it came from a “Fast and the Furious” movie poster. See this is what you get for letting a man-man do a woman’s job. πŸ™‚ Oh well.

If anything, I’m glad he put some sparkling snowflakes on the As to soften it a bit.ImageΒ This was the finished product!

We’re tasked to bring some sticky tape and packaging tape plus 5 meters of plastic cover to school so we can work on this project some more with our kid. I can’t get over the “5 meters” part. I wonder what the heck it’s for but I guess we’ll just have to wait until then. πŸ™‚

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  1. loving your posts, a! and loving the pencil too!! unless the teacher is exaggeratedly anal, i’m sure she’d ooh and aah over this. Tala’s a lucky girl to have a couple of very artistic parents. Fearless Forecast: Tala will be the youngest National Artist in the history of the Philippines (if not the world!!!)!!!

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