Posted in June 2012

Hydroculture Plants

Yesterday, the family and I decided to troop over to the mall for dinner. After dinner, we decided to pick up a few things. Hub went to the bike store (his version of Disneyland), while the rest of us went to a store that sells indoor plants. I’ve been contemplating on buying some indoor plants … Continue reading

The Daddy

2009 was the year the husband officially became a Dad. At the hospital while I was still groggy from all the meds and was in dire pain from the C-section, the moment I saw the husband carrying our 8.12 lbs. baby in his arms, I knew he was smitten. It was a moment that I … Continue reading

First Day

Today was the little girl’s first day of school. And I was a nervous wreck. I woke up at 5:30am to finish putting labels on her leave-behind stuff. The school discourages kids from bringing big bags so everything is stored in their own cubbyholes. That includes her books, art materials and personal stuff like her … Continue reading

Framing Art

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a restful weekend! I’m sharing with you my teeny-tiny collection of signed art prints that I plan to put up on a blank wall by the staircase. Some of these prints I’ve already blogged about before. Bunny Wiggles and Vanity remain to be my top favorites. I want … Continue reading

Feature: Manikako

Remember when I blogged about this doll before? Here’s the post. It was one of those projects that I worked on while I was nesting. Yeah, the little girl was still baking in my tummy when I made this little doll. I had a doll kit complete with materials. The stuffed body was already made. … Continue reading

School Update

Thanks to everyone that gave their comments and advice on my post about Early Schooling. You can read about it here. I was surprised that the link even got shared twice or thrice in other people’s Facebook pages. And in turn those posts received further comments. Perhaps a lot of you could relate to all … Continue reading

Geeks Rule

If there’s any comedy sitcom that I never tire of watching, it has got to be “The Big Bang Theory”. All thanks to the very complex character of Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Played by actor Jim Parsons, Sheldon is a a freakishly intelligent theoretical physicist. He feels intellectually superior over most people and never fails to … Continue reading

Funny Faces

With every click of the camera, comes an automatic change in facial expression. You go click, click, click with the camera and you get a different face every time! Come to think of it, I don’t even know if she knows what a proper smile is! You know who she reminds me of? Her father. … Continue reading