Tala the Tornado

On weekends, our house looks like it has been hit by a tornado. Every inch of space is filled with toys, both small and big. Pieces of paper are scattered everywhere. Broken crayons find their way on the stairs, on the doorway, on the kitchen floor…everywhere.

Here are some random photos that I took of our little disaster area of a home. Image

On the living room floor


On the couch. I don’t even know where to sit anymore.


On the ottoman. These are her recent drawings.


On the sofa. I actually enjoy tinkering with this little doll house. It has a little heart-shaped doorbell that lights up.

Some yummy plastic desserts with clay on them. Found these on the dining table.

To be honest, whenever my neat freak of a husband isn’t at home….and it’s just me and the little girl hanging out, I just let her make as much of a mess as she wants. I actually enjoy being surrounded by fun colorful things. It’s such a pretty clutter.

But it’s the cleaning-up part that kills the fun. Ugh.

12 thoughts on “Tala the Tornado

  1. i know the feeling 🙂 …. you can also make the cleaning part a learning game for her as well

    • i’m highly considering making the “clean-up” part into a game! the Barney “clean up clean up” song used to work but not anymore. i need a new strategy! 🙂

  2. now image my house. Little boy hence train tracks, trucks, wagon, scuttle bike, blocks, books, chalk board, crayons on the walls. Oh and airplanes and cars on the bed.

  3. Get her some colourful plastic boxes where she can put away her toys. Make it into a game (like maybe you can group Legos together, all play doh-ish toys together, dolls/stuffed toys, etc.) so she’ll be more enthusiastic about clean up. It’s a good opportunity to teach her about classifying stuff – and being responsible, as well 🙂

  4. Ganyan din ang peg ng daughter ko. Solution ni hubby? Itago lahat ng kinakalat niya na hindi nililigpit. Ayun, iilan lng ang nkalabas ngayon. hihi 🙂

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