Stella and Rocket Room

If you walk along BHS Central, you’d be surprised at the number of restos and shops that are on the further end. Yesterday my colleagues and I went to Stella, a wood fire bistro. It is adjacent to Rocket Room, which is a bar that serves drinks, tapas and desserts.  Both restaurants are under the same ownership of Chelsea Market and M Cafe. These restos are also a sister company of Mr. Jones, which I hear serves the meanest milkshakes this side of town!  Must try those soon.

These are some of the grub that we tried. Wish I brought a nicer camera.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to the truffled mushroom pizza. This pizza like the rest of the food in the menu, was cooked in a wood fire oven so I guess that explains the nice smoky flavor. The toppings are so chunky you can get lost in them. The crust was a bit tough so I had to wrestle with it but that’s a minor. We also ordered another pizza, which I don’t remember the name of. Something something “with micro greens”. I also took a photo of it but decided to skip the show and tell for that one. Sorry, no fireworks.

On to the desserts… we got a slice of the four-layered red velvet cake and a slice of the salted caramel chocolate. This was the red velvet cake in all it’s four-layered glory.

I’ve always been a red velvet fan, whether in cake or cupcake form. Although this looks gloriously delicious, I must say (well at least in my opinion) it looks better than it tastes. Sigh. My idea of the perfect red velvet would be like turning into Alice in Wonderland with every bite…you just get curiouser and curiouser as you consume it down to the last morsel. Sadly, I didn’t feel that way with this one.

But this slice of cake that you see down here is another story altogether.

Can someone tell my why salt in desserts always makes the dish phenomenal? Just boldly dash some salt on chocolate, macarons or ice cream and it instantly makes the dessert a magical and unforgettable treat! In my opinion, salt just makes everything better. Yes I love my salt. I do I do I do.

So that piece of chocolate cake that you see up there, made me momentarily forget my name. And to think we were consuming it in the middle of a brainstorming session. Not a good combination when you’re supposed to be charged with brilliant ideas. I had a “what was I saying?” sort of moment when I forked a piece into my mouth. Why hello there amnesia!

So if you happen to be swinging by BHS Central, check out Stella and Rocket Room. Looks like they still have tons of really good food in their menu that are just waiting to be savored.

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  1. Hi aimee! Is your place of work near BHS Central? I think this is the second time you featured a resto situated there. Inggit! Food binges…;)

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