Posted in March 2012

Lego Notebook

After a month of waiting (looooooong story), finally got this in the mail….my Lego notebook! There’s this at the back of the box. I so can relate to the green box section, but what is “borefoot”? The cover is made of a soft silicone material similar to the silicone cupcake mold that you see in the … Continue reading

Wonder Woman

This button pin reminds me of how much I used to love Wonder Woman as a kid. Someone gave this to me yesterday and my eyes just lit up. I used to watch Wonder Woman all the time as a kid. I wouldn’t miss a single episode. She was my ultimate idol. No one can … Continue reading

Signed David Finch Art

It was a super busy weekend for me so pardon the lack of posts. I’d like to share with you some stuff that David Finch signed during his recent Manila visit. This print is exclusive to his Manila visit and only 100 prints were made available. I got the 47th print out of a hundred. … Continue reading

The T-Shirt Designers

Today I am featuring a young creative duo, behind the home-grown brand Tagpi Disenyo. Tagpi is a Filipino word derived from “Tagpi-tagpi” which means “Patched up”. “Disenyo” means Designs. Meet the 22 year old entrepreneurs, Rhej and Mariko. Rhej Bartolome is a a Psychology graduate, while Mariko David is an Entrepreneurial Management graduate and works in … Continue reading

Twinkle Toes

Reminiscent of Punky Brewster (Okay, I think I just gave away my age), sometimes I wish I could just go wild and pull off wearing a pair of bedazzled sneakers like this one. The little one’s new kicks.

Sunday Shoes

And because I had to come to the office on a Sunday, I am attempting to cheer myself up with this colorful pair. Pardon the ugly veins. Shoes from Parisian

Doll Maker

I love handmade stuff. But more than just the finished product, what interests me most is the creative process, not to mention the time, energy and love that goes into every piece. Today I’m featuring the work of doll-maker and mom, Jacklyn Colmenares. She was my gradeschool classmate and is now juggling work, being a … Continue reading

Joy in a Plate

There is nothing like soft and fluffy pancakes with fun cutesy shapes, served with a dollop of butter. A light and airy scrambled egg. Mouth-watering bacon strips cooked to perfection. Breakfast food in the late afternoon. Thanks Agahan!

Home (Part 2)

More photos. This was our cake topper. If not for this photo, I wouldn’t have known that it broke. Obviously someone used sticky tape to piece it together. Hmmm….

Home (Part 1)

Some random photos I took of the house.