Posted in July 2012

New Look

I’ve been contemplating on a new look for this blog for quite sometime. As much as I adored the look and feel of an all white crisp layout, I was in the mood for the exact opposite. Something loud and busy. You know, just to keep things interesting. Anyway, I hope you like it. I … Continue reading

Timeless Literature

If I were to categorize the recent books that I’ve read, I would put them under “timeless award-winning novels”. I don’t know if it was a conscious thing that I chose to read these books one after the other. Perhaps it was. These books were in my “to-read” list for what seemed like forever and … Continue reading

Goodies from Manikako

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe it’s Friday? Where did the week go?! Not that I’m complaining. Sometimes I just feel like the world is spinning faster than it should. Do you feel that way too? Anyway, I’d like to share with you a gift from Manikako, a group that creates handmade dolls out of … Continue reading

Feature: Chez Karine

Hey sweet tooths, there’s a new dessert place in Serendra that you might wanna check out. After about 3 or 4 weeks of seeing that boarded up space that says “Soon to Open”, Chez Karine finally opened its doors. And these are the mouth-watering desserts that are part of their offerings.  I’ve heard nothing but … Continue reading

What I’ve Been Up To

How was your weekend? I sure hope yours was as productive as mine, which kind of explains my recent lack of posts. I made sure to devote this weekend to my family as well as catch up on some reading and movie-watching on the side. I also had to make time to finish a collage … Continue reading

Midweek Motivation

Whatever rut you’re in at the moment, it’s not permanent. Don’t let something temporary consume your thoughts. Focus on the positive. All will be well. 🙂

Thoughts on Looking for Alaska

I’ve finished reading John Green’s “Looking for Alaska” over the weekend, and my head is abuzz with famous last words, seeking the Great Perhaps and finding ways out of labyrinths. Let’s just say it really gave me a lot to think about. In my opinion, there are books that exist for the sole purpose of … Continue reading

This Week’s Reads

Here are the pages that I’ve been flipping through recently. I’ve just finished Alex Flinn’s “Beastly”. The one that you see above is a movie tie-in edition but I still prefer the other cover as I’m not a big fan of movie tie-ins. That’s a borrowed copy that you see right there. I haven’t seen … Continue reading

Feature: Van Gogh is Bipolar

I had the most extraordinary dining experience over the weekend, I cannot even begin to tell you. I’ve been hearing about this unusual restaurant in Maginhawa QC called “Van Gogh is Bipolar”, which I’ve been dying to go to for the longest time. And since the husband and I were celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary, … Continue reading

Feature: When Uan Met Sally

Yesterday, the husband and I trooped over to Maginhawa Street in QC to celebrate  a very special occasion. I’ll talk about that in another blog post. Anyway, I grew up in the area and I went to high school there so I know that street like the back of my hand. It was also where … Continue reading