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Random Purchases + Product Reviews

Random Purchases + Product Reviews

So how was your weekend? Mine was relatively calm. Exactly what I needed. I originally planned on posting some deep thoughts in this post but I decided to put that off until the time is right. Instead I decided to post something random and shallow. haha. Admit it, sometimes it’s these kind of posts we … Continue reading

Snip! Snip!

This thrifted denim skirt has a rather unique cut. The fringe is a hoot but a little too ostentatious for work. So what’s a girl got to do? Snip those fringes away I say! With my trusty shears, I gave those tassles a trim and voila! A refashioned skirt! Wore it today. Can’t believe I’m … Continue reading

Feature: When Uan Met Sally

Yesterday, the husband and I trooped over to Maginhawa Street in QC to celebrate  a very special occasion. I’ll talk about that in another blog post. Anyway, I grew up in the area and I went to high school there so I know that street like the back of my hand. It was also where … Continue reading

The Break Up

You deserve someone better. Someone who will love you and not just leave you at home to stare at the blank eggshell white walls. Someone who will take you out to coffee breaks and fancy dinners. Someone who will take very good care of you and will preserve your classic beauty.   I’m glad you … Continue reading