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My Best Dressed

Don’t you just love red carpet events? More than the awards, it’s what the celebrities are wearing that seems to keep everyone abuzz. To be honest, every time Β the Oscars or the Golden Globes comes around, I’m tempted to call in sick. Haha. Admit it, the thought has crossed your mind too. I’m no fashion … Continue reading

Fab Find: Accessory Holder

So how are you holding up with the holidays coming up real soon? It can be a little overwhelming huh? The countdown to Christmas has been, well a bit of a roller coaster for me. To be honest, I was really down over the weekend when the news broke about the shooting in Newton Connecticut. … Continue reading

My First pair of Yosi Samra

Last week, I shared my holiday wishlist on this blog (you can read that here) which included a pair of Yosi Samra. Those shoes have become insanely popular because some Hollywood celebrities were spotted wearing them, which by the way I think is one of the most effective strategies if you want your brand to … Continue reading

Holiday Wishlist

It’s 10 days till Christmas! 10 DAYS! I can’t get over it. I’m glad that I’m finally making headway with the Christmas shopping with just about 5 more gifts to go. And because it is the season of giving, and I’ve been so busy shopping for everyone else, I’d like to take a breather to … Continue reading

Snip! Snip!

This thrifted denim skirt has a rather unique cut. The fringe is a hoot but a little too ostentatious for work. So what’s a girl got to do? Snip those fringes away I say! With my trusty shears, I gave those tassles a trim and voila! A refashioned skirt! Wore it today. Can’t believe I’m … Continue reading

Weekend Clean-Up

The weekend was all about spending time with the family, cleaning up and rediscovering some hidden treasures around the house. I’ve decided to fix our living room shelf. I call this…organized chaos. It’s all about framed photos, mementos, awards and some travel souvenirs. I managed to empty out this shelf on the second floor but … Continue reading

Weekend Snaps

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. πŸ™‚ Just wanted to share a few random pics that pretty much summarized what my whole weekend was all about. My weekend soundtrack. All about raspy rhythms from two amazing female artists. Still can’t believe Amy Winehouse is gone. I’m glad her spirit will live forever through her … Continue reading

Gallery Show Ensemble

I rarely do outfit posts because 1) I’m no fashion blogger. I don’t even know how to properly pose for the camera without looking awkward or constipated. 2) Often times I find myself cringing when I do vanity shots and 3) Well this you already know, I was overweight for quite some time so I … Continue reading

My Week on IG

I know, I know. I’m terribly hooked. You’ll definitely see a lot of similar posts in the coming days, weeks, months. πŸ™‚ Here are some of this week’s Instagram highlights… While the family was taking their afternoon Sunday nap, I took advantage of that time to build me a castle. A yummy red velvet surprise … Continue reading


I’ve been a loyal Blackberry user since May 2011. But two weeks ago, I’ve decided to make the switch. Not only did I switch phones, I also switched providers. It was this crazy 2 day sale that got me to switch. Nope it’s not an iPhone 5. Wouldn’t it be awesome if it were? πŸ™‚ … Continue reading