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Mystery Women and Tales of Seduction

I realized that I haven’t posted anything book-related recently. Nothing’s changed though. My days aren’t complete without a book in tow while in transit, or without having to flip through a few chapters before I call it a night. As for my recent reads, thanks to the recommendation of Saturdays and Other Days, I’ve recently finished … Continue reading


Thanks to Super Blogger D (SBD) (sorry lame private joke), I managed to borrow a copy of Insurgent which is the sequel to Divergent. I’ve blogged about Divergent here. Some people would usually jump into the next book right after reading the first, but I for one, needed a break from all the action. Yes it’s … Continue reading

Timeless Literature

If I were to categorize the recent books that I’ve read, I would put them under “timeless award-winning novels”. I don’t know if it was a conscious thing that I chose to read these books one after the other. Perhaps it was. These books were in my “to-read” list for what seemed like forever and … Continue reading

What I’ve Been Up To

How was your weekend? I sure hope yours was as productive as mine, which kind of explains my recent lack of posts. I made sure to devote this weekend to my family as well as catch up on some reading and movie-watching on the side. I also had to make time to finish a collage … Continue reading

Thoughts on Looking for Alaska

I’ve finished reading John Green’s “Looking for Alaska” over the weekend, and my head is abuzz with famous last words, seeking the Great Perhaps and finding ways out of labyrinths. Let’s just say it really gave me a lot to think about. In my opinion, there are books that exist for the sole purpose of … Continue reading

This Week’s Reads

Here are the pages that I’ve been flipping through recently. I’ve just finished Alex Flinn’s “Beastly”. The one that you see above is a movie tie-in edition but I still prefer the other cover as I’m not a big fan of movie tie-ins. That’s a borrowed copy that you see right there. I haven’t seen … Continue reading


I’ve never read a Young Adult book, not to mention a Dystopian novel in my life. So I figured that since I wanted a refreshing read this weekend, I might as well give this book a go. It won “Favorite book of 2011” in the Goodreads Choice Awards and was a #1 New York Times … Continue reading

Weekend Read

IT’S THE WEEKEND!!! 🙂 Yes, consider this “capitals-and-exclamation-points” overkill. That just shows how truly ecstatic I am. Nope, no big plans here. I just plan to stay up late watching TV, walk around lazily in my jammies, play lego with the little one, take the bike for a cruise and hopefully have time to curl … Continue reading

Guilty Pleasures

Admit it. We all have those! You know, those nasty little boogers that seem so unlike our character, but are in fact very much part of who we are (whether we’d like to admit it or not). So in this post, I am going for the (dun dun dun dun) BIG REVEAL! Yes this is … Continue reading

Things of Interest

Just wanted to share a few random things… Gorgeous drop earrings from Accessorize, thanks to my friend Charity. Close-up shot of pencils that I absolutely love love love. Another photo showing the detail of these pencils. These are made from recycled newspapers. Very eco-friendly! How cool is that! Plus it comes with its own case. … Continue reading