8th Month


I have officially reached the 37th week mark! Full term baby! This pregnancy has been such a wild ride. Can’t believe it’s going to end soon. This week has been craaaaaazy. “Overwhelming” would be an understatement.

Over the weekend, my OB told me that I will have to give birth earlier than expected. My original due dates (2nd CS so I get to choose a date) were December 6-13. Based on how my pregnancy is progressing, it has been fast-tracked to December 3-9. That’s next week! While my brain is still processing that, another bomb dropped this week. My little girl caught German measles! Some timing huh? My parents aren’t sure if I had it as a kid so we’re taking safety precautions. I have to distance myself from her for the next two weeks and she’ll be staying with the in-laws. Although measles is generally a mild disease among kids, it can post a potential danger to expecting moms and the unborn child. If there’s anything that’s giving me some peace of mind, it’s what my doctor said that it only posts real danger during the first 14 weeks. Since I’m full term, I should be okay. Oh God I hope so.

If there’s anything that’s tearing me apart, it’s the fact that I won’t be seeing my girl for the next 2 weeks. Does that mean I will only get to see her in the hospital once I’ve given birth? Will it be safe for her to meet her baby brother by then?

So there’s that and the fact that I have Pregnancy Anemia. Did I mention that before? If I failed to mention that in my previous posts I blame the pregnancy brain fog. We’ve consulted a Hematologist and although my hemoglobin count is below normal (I’m at 10, normal count is 13), I shouldn’t be worried about excessive bleeding. If I had hit 6, then that would be cause for alarm and blood donors will have to be lined up. I don’t even want to think about that! Pregnancy Anemia is quite common in pregnant women. There are two possible reasons…iron deficiency or the normal course of pregnancy where the unborn child sucks the nutrients away from the momma. It’s similar to calcium depletion where expecting women get broken teeth or severe bone pains cause the child is taking what he needs from the mom’s body. Anyway, we’re running some tests this week to check if things have improved. I hope that the double intake of iron supplements and my diet of green leafy vegetables, liver and iron-rich food has done it’s job.

Another thing that’s been weighing in my head is the fact that I still don’t have a hospital yet! Technically, I’ve already made up my mind. I have. All the papers are done and I’m ready to go with my chosen hospital. But a certain someone feels that my choice of hospital isn’t good enough so that’s been causing me a bit of stress. If that’s not enough, we’re still behind with the baby preps especially now that we need to do double time on everything! Need to do some last minute shopping, wash and iron the baby’s clothes, pack my hospital bag, set up the crib and clean the house. Oh the list is endless!

I also have a bunch of stuff to finish in the office as this is my last working week. Thank goodness, I’ve had the good sense to start training the new person and finish all my endorsements last month! At least that’s one less thing to think about!


Guys, this is the final stretch. I’m hoping I can still do a 9 month update but with how fast things are going. Don’t be surprised if my next post will be the baby’s photo. At the end of the day, amidst all the craziness that’s been going on…I know that once I hold that little boy in my arms, this will all be worth it.

10 thoughts on “8th Month

  1. Mommy Aimee! I wish you well in the remaining days until your labor/delivery. Stay calm and just concentrate on the coming of baby. Don’t stress yourself too much. I know because I’ve been there also but the things you’ve said that keeps you so much in your hands made me worry. May God be with you..

  2. It seems like yesterday when you announced your pregnancy here, the time has flew! While it seems like my pregnancies lasted for a lifetime! I can feel your pressure everything happening at the same time but I’m sure your daughter will have fun with the in-laws and will take it as a mini-vacation, for a child everything is exciting =) Soon everything will be over, you will have your newborn treasure in your arms and you can enjoy your new baby with all your family! Good luck and best wishes for everything!!!

  3. There will be rewards after all these anticipation…. God bless you and kiddos –including Mr. D :… God bless your growing family.

  4. OMG! That’s next week na!!! I am sooo excited for you Aimee! I can’t believe it’s that soon na. Ang bilis grabey! Here’s cheering for you and Little Mr. Diego. πŸ™‚

  5. Have a safe delivery, Aimee! You can do it! Can’t wait to see the new member of your family. I was thinking pa naman if I can see you at the Project Mom event on Dec 5 at Fullybooked pero mukang malabo na. LOL!

    Anyway, goodluck and congrats in advance! Will pray for your safe delivery. πŸ™‚

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