My 34th

Hello fellow earthlings!

I purposely went MIA recently because I wasn’t in the mood to talk about fluffy things amidst all that’s been happening in our country due to Typhoon Haiyan.  You can read more about my thoughts here.

In other news…

I celebrated my 34th birthday over the weekend! 🙂 I decided that I wanted it to be a quiet meaningful birthday so I was only noisy about it on Instagram haha. Feel free to follow me there for my day-to-day updates. My user ID is iamaimeediego. Sorry if it’s on private. I like screening my followers because the last thing I can’t stand is spam.

Anyway, here’s what went down during my simple birthday weekend. I’ll let the photos do the talking.


Mr. D surprised me with a birthday bouquet. The smaller version is for the little girl. It’s sweet that every time he gives me flowers, the little one has to have one too. What can I say, we’re both his girls. 002

First on my agenda was a visit in Church. Needed to have some quiet time with my creator. Those candles represent my birthday wishes.

After Church, I hung out at Tala’s school while she finished her dance workshop. When she was done, we had a nice lunch date in Yabu. Forgot to take snaps of the food but you can check my post about Yabu here. This remains to be one of my favorite restos. I can’t get enough of their katsu. 009

She was feeling rather cranky around this time

After lunch, I felt the need for some R&R so got a nice mani and pedi in Tips N’ Toes. While I had my digits done, the restless child got to snooze on the comfortable sofa.

Later that evening, I had dinner with the parentals where I treated them to good ol’ pizza and pasta. No photos. Was too famished to take pics. We also watched the TriNoma Merry Musical Lights Show which I will be blogging about separately. I got the opportunity to attend their press launch recently so will post details about that soon.

The next day, the whole fam bam trooped over to the Mind Museum. Funny how when us parents celebrate our birthdays we always seem to plan it around activities for our kid. When it was Mr. D’s birthday, we went to Manila Ocean Park. You can read about our experience here.


Photo-op with the giant chocolate bar. 020

Mr. D being his usual self. Incase I forgot to tell you about that cast…when we went to the province recently (which I forgot to blog about), he flew off his bike because he was attacked by goats. You read it right, GOATS. The really aggressive types. What are the odds huh?

More snaps inside the museum





*insert selfie here* haha. That’s my 8th month bump. 4 weeks to go!

Overall, it was an OK experience for me. Not jumping hoops though. It was just OK. Maybe it’s because I’m not a big science gal or because I was just too cranky because my tummy was rumbling the whole time haha. I’m glad the little girl had a blast though. After the Mind Museum, we went straight to the Early Bird Breakfast Club. If you remember, this was the same restaurant where the fantastic blogger moms threw me a nice baby shower recently. You can read that post here065

The place was empty when we got there. Lovett. They gave the little girl some coloring sheets which kept her entertained.

The most awesome part about dining there was that all the profits on that day and the day after was pledged to be donated to World Vision’s operation reliefs for victims of Typhoon Yolanda. I’m glad a lot of the restaurants in the metro are doing their part to help out.  “Dine for a Cause” rocks. 067

I ordered the Tenderloin Tapa. The meat was cooked just right and its flavor packs a punch! Love the presentation too.  070

Little girl had the Adobo Sunrise. She didn’t finish her plate as the serving was huge so we took home what was left. Needless to say we had some yummy leftovers the next day.


Mr. D ordered the Early Bird Full English. What a serving right? IMO…this is a far cry from those set meals in IHOP with those skinny-excuse-for-a sausage type of combos.  071

Finally got to try their Butter Beer. No worries. This is a non-alcoholic drink. It’s soda with a nice sweet creamy foam on top. I felt like I was instantly zapped into the world of Harry Potter while I was happily sipping on this. Love the caramel-shaped A on top. It’s really meant for me! hihi 074

We ended the meal with a serving of the French Toast Fondue. This is a winner in my book! The melted chocolate dip, maple syrup and sugar work perfectly with the slices of french toast. If anything, how I wish the serving was bigger! The four of us (yaya included) finished this in a minute! The presentation was pretty sublime too I must say.

After that full dinner, we walked over to Fully Booked and Mr. D got me one of these. I am a self-confessed Moleskine addict. I am so ready for 2014.075I had cake too which was given by the in-laws and was treated to a nice birthday buffet by a good friend. Overall, it was an awesome birthday. On a much deeper level, I know in my heart that the man upstairs has more amazing plans laid out for me and my family, and that each of these plans will be revealed in his own perfect time. With that knowledge alone, I feel I like I’ve already received a humongous birthday present…wrapped in nice shiny paper and a big fat bow. It can’t get any better than that. 🙂