Let’s Do Our Part

Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has wreaked so much havoc to our nation. So much loss of life. So much suffering. Every time I go online or watch the news, there’s always a heart breaking story being told. A father who lost his 6 year old daughter. A little boy whose entire family has been swept into the open sea. People walking the streets, scouring the wreckage for money or food…or whatever it is that they can salvage for their survival.

Can you just imagine if you were in their shoes? Flood rising rapidly that you’re forced to cut holes on your roof just to escape? Holding on tightly to your loved ones but their fingers slip and they get washed away into the flood? Not having anything to eat or drink for four days? Or being surrounded by the stench of rotting flesh? All these horrifying images! The stuff nightmares are made of. But these aren’t just nightmares. These are real true-to-life scenarios. These actually happened. We can only pray that it never happens again.  

We can all help even in our own little way. We all have at least one canned good sitting in our pantry, or at least one unused piece of clothing buried in our closet right? There’s really no excuse not to pitch in. If you wish to do your part, here are some useful infographics that I’ve grabbed from Rappler.


On the right side bar of my blog, you’ll see a Red Cross banner. Click that and it leads you directly to the Philippine Red Cross site. They are accepting donations in cash and will use the funds to purchase the necessary relief goods needed by the victims of the typhoon.

There are so many ways to help. We can all do our part.