Tala-isms (Part 3)


In her Halloween garb. This chubby girl was dressed as a mermaid.

Out of the blue, the little girl approaches me with a rather sullen expression on her face. Like she’s been thinking hard about something. And then she goes “Mommy, I have something to tell you (long pause). You have to use your heart to love the people“. I wonder what people she’s referring to?! My child must think I’m running a kingdom or something.

While we were on vacation, her grandpa had an unfortunate accident as he was loading cargo on the roof of the car. He fell and fractured his arm. While the rest of the family was putting ice and doing first aid on him, the 4 year old planted herself directly in front of her lolo and proceeded with her speech. “Lolo, next time you have to be careful. You have to smart. Be strong like Mommy, Daddy…(and goes on and enumerates the names of like 10 members of the family). Be wise Lolo. It’s just A accident...”. Her sermon went on for about 15 minutes while her lolo was pale white and reeling from pain. With the look on his face I’m guessing he wanted to her to stop. But she wouldn’t. She just kept yakking away.


Sorry for the long hiatus.  The start of November has proved to be quite busy. Now that things are a little more settled, hopefully I’ll have more time to blog. Oh and I have two upcoming guest blog features so watch out for that! 🙂 Happy weekend and for those in the Philippines, please stay dry and safe!

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  1. Ang lalim ng pinag huhugutan ni Tala ah. LOL!

    Happy weekend! My prayer goes to the victims of Bayong Yolanda.

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