Blogger Meet Up + Surprise Baby Shower!

One of the biggest rewards of blogging for me, is having been able  to find what I call “my online soul sisters”. I feel blessed that in this vast crazy world of the blogosphere, I was able to find my niche… a group of ladies that I not only connect with online, but also connect with in real life.

Last October 15, I met up with them at the Early Bird Breakfast Club in Fort for lunch.


Meet the whole mom blogger cast! (May mga kulang pa dito actually. Hopefully next time we’ll be complete! 🙂 )

Sha of Kikay Mommy Sha

Maggie of Mommy Maggie’s Musings

Erlaine of Glammamomma

Faye of Chronicles of Maia and Turning Dreams to Reality

Mars of Planet Marsy

D of The Soshal Network (First time to meet her in person! This girl is a riot! 🙂 )

Peachy of She is Also An Architect

Ging of Forty Weeks And Then Some

Me (haha) and

Dewmaine, the Momster Teacher of Chronicles of Nanay Dew


It’s been a while since I got the chance to catch up with these ladies so I was especially excited to have lunch with them that fine Tuesday afternoon! Thank God for holidays!

I ordered the Sunny Salpicao. Very flavorful, lovely presentation and cooked just right. An order costs P325. 011 And for dessert, Maggie brought over some of her Brazo Cups. These are delish! Obviously one cup isn’t enough for me so I asked for seconds. hihi. I think she’s already taking orders for these delectable desserts so feel free to drop her a message in her blog or email. 015

After lunch, I excused myself to freshen up in the bathroom. When I came back, my chair was filled with shopping bags and nicely wrapped presents! Funny how it took me a while to process the whole thing. Yes I am that dense! haha.

When I finally realized that this was no ordinary meet up and it was in fact, my surprise baby shower too…that’s when I finally pieced together everything in my head! No wonder these ladies we’re messaging me separately about the meet-up instead of the usual Facebook group chat! Kayo ha!  Sneaky! haha 🙂 Also, they were all wearing patches of blue that day. To think I simply shrugged it off as a mere wild coincidence. See I told you, dense! haha

Here are some more pics of the girls…


Maggie, Erl and Faye


Ging, Moi and Dewmaine. Photo regrammed from Sha 


Lia (Hi little girl!), Mars, D and Peachy. Love this kooky photo!

This was actually my first time to meet D of The Soshal Network and she was a blast to hang out with!  Sobrang kwela! Speaking of The Soshal Network, I won D’s recent giveaway where she gave away a gorgeous bespoke initial necklace! I thank my lucky stars that of all all the gazillion ladies that joined the contest, my name got picked! I guess it’s true what they say, pregnant women are lucky. So here it is, my very own bespoke initial necklace from Elena Bautista! By the way, the initial pendant is meant to be worn sideways but every time I wear this on its own, I like putting the pendant front and center.


Posing with my gifts! Thanks Sha for the photo!

Thank you ladies for all these wonderful gifts for ze bebe! I officially have a stash now for my little boy! Seriously girls…I’m super touched. Knowing how emotional I’ve been recently, buti nalang I didn’t tear up that day. haha 🙂  004005You ladies rock! Thank you! I love you all! 🙂 012

Photo c/o Sha ABabyShower5-600x436

Photo c/o D

Oh and do check out more posts about the meet-up/baby shower from Peachy, Dewmaine and D! 🙂

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  1. Hey sexy preggy mommma, we love you more! 🙂

    Glad to know that you were surprised. Akala nga namin next year kana namin masu-surprise! LOL! Thank God for holidays indeed!

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