7th Month


Two months awaaaaaaaaaay! I am two months away from giving birth! Can you believe it?! I’ve hit the 7th month and have officially soireed (stumbled would be the most likely term) into the third trimester. The anxiety is slowly building up! Realizations are starting to hit me like a ton of bricks. I am going to be a mom of two! We’re going to be family of four! I can’t even begin to explain how i’m feeling at the moment. It’s a mix of unparalleled joy and anxiety. This is really happening isn’t it? Am I prepared? Can I really be a mom of two kids? Will our home be ready in time for the new baby? Can we support the needs of our family? Do we need to make financial adjustments? Whoah. So much to process.

We took this photo early in the week. Pardon the dirty wall. That dark stripe is the spot where usually barbecue. hihi. Anyway, I just came from the doctor’s this weekend. It turns out I dropped 2 lbs. When it comes to my weight, I never fail to surprise my doctor. Believe me…I wish I knew how that happened. If I’m not gaining at a rapid pace, I’m losing weight naman. Hay. I give up. Also, if the past two trimesters have made me feel like I’ve blossomed fully and can’t be anymore woman that I already am (remember the whole unicorn thing I talked about in my 6th month post?), well this third trimester made sure I didn’t escape without getting a taste of the usual banes of pregnancy that plague a lot of expecting women.

First of all, my skin has gotten severely itchy and I feel hot almost all the time! No no. Not hot as in “in heat”, or hot as in sexy and alluring… I mean hot as in my body temperature feels like it shot up overnight and even if I walk into a fully-air conditioned mall, I would still sweat buckets! If that’s not enough, my underarms have gone from fair and pretty to dark and well, unattractive. “Pits of darkness” would be how I would aptly describe them. I’ve also had a cold for a month now that I’m so used to having a stuffy nose it’s almost the new norm! My hair…oh that’s another subject altogether. It certainly has a life of its own and the only way to tame these tresses is by tying it up in an fuss-free pony-tail. Not very glamorous but hey, it does the trick. AND….If that’s not enough, lugging such a huge weight on my belly has also made it difficult for me to breathe and sleep! Yes ladies and gentlemen…I never thought the day would come when I’d say…I officially feel like an ogre. Thank God my feet haven’t swollen yet into epic proportions. I sure hope I get to skip that part altogether. Please spare my feet! Please! If that happens you might as well start calling me Fiona.

On the upside, the baby is in tip top shape. Weight, heartbeat and reflexes are normal. Really grateful for that. Speaking of reflexes, boy can this child move! I ought to do a video of the belly movements. The sharp jab and pokes are super visible it’s freaky! I’m also glad to know the child got the Diego nose. My family often jokes about the Aquino nose, which is obviously the nose I was born with and have given to Tala. I’m glad the little boy is gonna look a lot like his dad.

So while this whiny overheating momma puts her feet up…I shall leave you with ze bebe’s latest portrait. Can’t wait to hold you in my arms baby boy! πŸ™‚


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  1. Aims take a video of the “alien movements” (that’s what i used to call it). Alam mo that’s what I enjoyed the most when I was preggers. Amusing and amazing and somewhat disturbing. Lol. Halooo bebe boy! We can see you!

  2. just 2 more months girl… with my pregnancy with Amaya, naku ang hirap din. and I couldn’t agree with you dun sa FEELING HOT. hahaha! I guess hormones na din (just guessing here). Take care always… and can’t wait to meet your baby soon.

  3. Hi Aimee! I found your blog through my friend Cris of Thumbelina’s Leaf’s blogroll! I just had to leave a comment – super same situation tayo! I am on my 27th week of pregnancy with my 2nd child. My eldest is 4 also, turning 5. Next week, 3rd trimester na. And most of everything you described here are spot on for me. Hanep ambigat! And this week, I have been waddling more than ever. And the heat flushes! Crazy. Even with the AC on full blast, naka electric fan ako!!! And grabe ang sharp jabs and pokes, as you mentioned. I don’t recall my son being this active before (or maybe it was too long ago??)

    And I agree – it’s exciting but unnerving, knowing you’re going to be 4 people in your family soon. We’re so used to being just us 3, our family unit – we have our little universe already. It’s interesting, exciting and scary anticipating how the coming of a new member will change up our world!

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