Tala Turns 4

My little girl just turned 4. I’m still in denial that she’s no longer a toddler. At night when she’s asleep I smell the sweet scent of her hair, her skin…and to me, she still has that baby smell. I lovingly play with the little dimples on her chubby fingers and I cuddle her the same way I did when she was only a few months old. But everyday, she surprises us with her witty quips and her very “adult-like” questions that it just affirms how much this child has grown. Time flies. She is a toddler no more.

Before I start tearing up and start getting all sappy here, let me move on and share with you the preps for her parties. I printed out free invites that I found online. Sorry I forgot which site! This actually wasn’t my first choice. But since I had problems printing out the initial invites that I wanted, I had to settle with these. I just spruced ’em a bit by adding colorful paper and some washi tape.


I’d like to share with you what the original invite was supposed to look like. Cute noh? You can even edit the details to add in your own message. Perhaps lady luck will be on your side and you’ll get the chance to use this dainty design. You can download the free template here. invite

I didn’t want to have to go through the whole shebang of throwing a huge party, so we opted for a small gathering at home (wait we had about 20 guests so baka hindi small yun. haha) and even a smaller one in school. On the day of her birthday, I dressed up our tiny abode with paper medallions thanks to my office mate who is a crafter extraordinaire and I added a few pink lanterns to finish the look. The celebrant loved it. She was twirling and twirling and said “Is this mine? All mine?!”.

paper medallions

I printed out buntings which I downloaded from LOVE VS. DESIGN. The template has the whole alphabet plus numbers too so you just have to choose which pages to print. I cut up the board paper, punched holes on each side (those single hole punchers are a life-saver) and I asked Mr. D to secure the buntings with baker’s twine which I ordered from Paper Chic Studio.  You can download the free buntings template herebanner

I purchased wooden spoons and forks from SM. I’m glad these are widely available now. I wrapped each pair with table napkins and some baker’s twine.


I also washified some paper cups and prepared a few colorful straws for the kids. Washi tape and paper straws also from Paper Chic Studio073

For favor bags for her classmates, I purchased striped standing favor bags from Paper Chic Studio (where else?) , washified each one, cut up gift tags which I’ve downloaded from freeprintablesonline.com and punched holes to secure the gift tags with the help of baker’s twine. You may download the free gift tag template here085 God knows how much I’ve slaved for these party hats. Unfortunately, on the day of Tala’s school party I forgot to bring these to school! Talk about a major momnesia attack! Anyway for this project, I purchased regular character party hats from the store. Since I’m not a big fan of characters, I decided to wrap each party hat with wrapping paper that I also got from Paper Chic Studio (no surprise here!).  I love the patterns! Guess I’ll just have to keep these for future parties. Shout out to party supplies stores…you might want to add party hats with nice prints to your line up of merchandise.


I also made marshmallow cups using baking cups and candy cups from Paper Chic Studio as well. Just in case you were wondering, this is not a paid post ok? haha. I really get my stuff from them and some of the cups that I used in the party, I won in a past giveaway. 🙂



For the house party, since most of our guests were adults I decided to serve mixed nuts. I upcycled an old mooncake tray and cut it into four mini serving trays. Easy peasy.

A few months ago,  I won in Kikay Mommy Sha‘s giveaway and part of the prize includes specially-made mini cupcakes. I asked her to delay baking these for me until Tala’s birthday comes along. Here they are and Sha was kind enough to lend me her cupcake tower. Sha your cupcakes are a blockbuster hit in our family. 🙂  By the way, my mom had the funky idea of displaying this star with a lolly that says Tala. Tala means “North Star” and my mom is soooo into symbolisms (must have gotten it from her) so there. haha. It looked like a mini cupcake Christmas tree.


The celebrant posing with her cakes. I didn’t get to display the cake that I actually ordered for the party as grandma got her that Disney character cake (there is no escaping characters huh) and another Tita gave the chocolate cake from Red Ribbon. I figured the one I ordered could be the cake for her school party so I let it sit in the fridge. That paper mache horse I bought from Takatak Project about a year ago.

Here’s the little lady leading us all in prayer. After which she took charge of distributing paper plates and utensils to all her guests. She’s really like that. Such a gracious party host. I bet people were already starving as she was moving in a very “flower girl” sort of pace. haha.    118 We served the food outside. Thank God it didn’t rain. To think just the day before it was really pouring outside.  120

We got her her first Lalaloopsy. These things are expensive ha. Thank God I was able to get a little discount through a one day SMAC sale. 130
The house party was a blast!  Of course it was super messy after, but what the heck. The celebrant was happy, so we’re happy. And when everybody left and we were done cleaning up, we collapsed out of sheer exhaustion. haha.

As for the school party, can you believe it got postponed not once but twice? It was supposed to be done on a Friday but classes for preschool got suspended because it was signal number one. We moved it to Monday but alas, classes got suspended again due to INC events. Tuesday was a non-working holiday, so we only got to hold it on Wednesday. 3 days post her birthday! Oh well, better late then never right? Besides it doesn’t really matter how late we celebrated her birthday in school…this smile is priceless.

She wanted to wear a crown so I got her one. Well it’s her birthday so she can be anything she wants to be on that day. The cake is from Food Serendipity. Same baker that made her rainbow cake for her 3rd birthday. Don’t you just love those dainty ruffles? And that ombre layers are just too cute for words!

It was a tiring but very fulfilling birthday celebration for our precious girl. Now this preggy momma can finally put her feet up, relax and start focusing on ze bebe. Speaking of baby, some “online-turned offline” friends have ushered in an awesome start to my baby preps! I’ll tell you about it in a separate post. 🙂

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  1. Glad to hear that your family love the cupcakes! Yay! HAppy happy birthday again to the beautiful and little lady, Tala. Love love love the DIY! Simple yet so dainty!

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