Top Torikatsu: Katsu You Can Enjoy At Home


I received these goodies from Bounty Fresh last week! It’s their new product called Top Torikatsu.

Although I’m a big fan of home-cooked dishes that take a lot of time and ingredients to put together (Disclaimer: I don’t do the cooking at home as we have a helper who does it for us), there are times when I just crave for easy-to-cook dishes that won’t take eons of years to prepare. The pregnant lady can be quite the impatient one at times. The Top Torikatsu sort of falls right up in that alley. It’s convenient and easy to prepare. Just 3 minutes on the fryer and voila! Instant chicken katsu at home. I like that the meat is tender and how the meat is nicely coated with breading. It comes in two flavors: Classic and Cheese & Chives.  A lot of people seem to gravitate towards the Cheese & Chives but I’m a classic type of girl. I like the Classic flavor most especially if it’s paired with a nice thick dipping sauce. Yum!

Hats off to Bounty Fresh for coming up with the most innovative easy-to-cook meat products! If you want try something easy but packs a punch, add this to your grocery basket the next time you go grocery-shopping. I enjoyed it so much, it was my baon for the whole friggin’ week. haha.

For more details, like their Facebook page: toptorikatsu

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