Preps for the Baby

I’ve officially reached my 7th month and all the aches and pains of the third trimester are in full swing. Grogginess, pains in the pelvic area, irritability…you name it, I’ve got it. But since I’m already in the last stretch, I really need to haul my big fat a$$ in putting together stuff for ze bebe amidst all the discomforts.

So far I’ve managed to purchase a crib. It’s pre-loved. Since our bed frame is low (as in no legs just a frame and a mattress), I love that the crib can be adjusted to be low enough for me to get a good peek at the baby during those much-anticipated (dripping with sarcasm here) sleepless nights filled with endless wailing. I’ll take a photo once we’ve assembled it and once the room looks decent enough for a photo-op. I initially wanted to co-sleep with the baby but since our bed is just Queen sized, with a toddler that kicks around so much that might be a problem. I don’t want the little girl to feel that just because there’s a new baby in the house, we’d have to transfer her to another bed, or worse to another room! So co-sleeping continues with Tala (until she gets tired of us) and the baby will have his own sleeping quarters aka crib.

Another thing that I’ve been percolating for the longest time (well at least since I’ve found out that I’m expecting) is that this time around, I will make a commitment to breastfeed exclusively. See with Tala, I didn’t get the right support from the moment I gave birth. I wasn’t coached on how to establish a good latch in the hospital. They just said I’d get the hang of it. Also, I had to walk all the way to the freakin’ nursery at the very end of the hall albeit suffering from the pain of a C-section. The pain was unbearable. But I had to walk to the nursery every time the baby cried. I was wheeled in at first but eventually the doctor ordered that I had to start walking. After the excruciating walk, where I had to drag my feet helplessly in a pitiful turtle-like pace, the phone would ring again because surprise surprise I am once again needed in the nursery. I think at some point, I was completely in pain and knocked out that I may have missed a call or two. God knows what they gave Tala then. It only made me feel miserable and guilty. Why on earth was I never offered the option to room in? Makes me question why I chose that expensive hospital which is touted to be “pro-breastfeeding”. Seriously? Hay. Anyway, that hospital shall not be named.

Anyway, I’m changing hospitals this year. A much cheaper one and I will already arrange for room in. Since I have the same doctor who is also accredited in that hospital and she is well aware of my history, I feel confident that I don’t need a fancy schmancy suite for my second CS. Also my dear friend happens to know all the head doctors there and all her sisters have given birth in that hospital. They all ended up with successful deliveries so that pretty much affirms my decision.

Going back to the subject of breastfeeding, I was able to breastfeed Tala for 6 months and that’s mixed. I had sore bleeding nipples on my second week and everyone around me was more than willing to hand me a can of formula. So much for support noh? Also when I went back to work my supply weakened. Mostly my fault, as I got so immersed in work that I didn’t make the whole “milk expression” work out successfully.

I plan to turn things around this time. I really need to get the right gear and to make my workstation into a milking factory. We don’t have a lactation room at the moment but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Anyway, to be able to store enough expressed milk for ze bebe, one of the major things in my list of things to buy is a new fridge. The one that we’ve had for the longest time was a 4ft tall refrigerator that Mr. D and I got when we tied the knot. Since the family is getting bigger and I will need space to store expressed milk, that has been one of the things I’ve been really wanting to check off my list.

The universe must have conspired because lo and behold, the in-laws decided to buy a new fancy refrigerator and decided to give us theirs! Perfect timing! And a blessing indeed! It’s so big that we didn’t know where to put it at first so it was awkwardly sitting right by the entrance. haha. We’ve managed to find a good space for it eventually and we even made a few thousand bucks selling our old refrigerator too. Yay!


Also, if I were to express milk effectively especially once I get back to work, I think I need to invest in a portable electric dual pump to cut down my pumping time in half and to also help increase my milk supply. This was what I was working with before.


It’s an old Medela model mini electric single breast pump. Although it’s so small and easy to lug around, I found it quite painful. I often joked that this pump was what made me bleed to death. I might still end up using it but I’m scouting for a dual electric pump that’s portable and hopefully won’t murder my nipples. haha. At first my only top-of-mind brands were Medela and Avent, that was until I discovered that there are other brands out there that are not as expensive and have been gaining some pretty good reviews. I’ve been browsing through and they seem to be a reliable local source for other brands of breast pumps. I have my eye on these two models.


This is the Cimilre S2. It’s a Koren brand. It’s a dual electric pump that is lightweight, comfortable to use (according to those I’ve asked) and even has a built-in light for those late night pumping sessions. it’s priced at P 8,900. Image grabbed from site.


This is the Unimom Forte. Not a new brand but I’ve been hearing how well this one performs. Not as lightweight as the model above but not too bulky to lug around either. This costs P7,000. Image grabbed from site.

Dear universe, since you’ve willingly read my mind and gave us a refrigerator, I would like to hint ever so strongly (no subtleties here haha) that I need one of these in my life. I’m just putting it out there ok? Speaking of breast pumps, dear readers…what brand did you use and would recommend?

So far that’s all the preps that’s been happening. As far as all the other stuff that the baby needs, I’m still at zero. Hello major procrastinator! Yup, as in no baby clothes, no milk storage bottles, no nothing. Well I still have some baby bottles from when Tala was small so those should come in handy. I’ll try to retrieve all the infant clothes that I’ve been loaning people if only I can remember whom I loaned them to. Momnesia at its finest! Oh well, I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I hope so. haha (nervous laugh).

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  1. Malapit na Aims! So excited for ze baby. I used Pigeon Electric Pump. Super silent and what i love about it is that you can plug it directly to an electric socket and can also be battery operated 🙂 Plus, extracting isn’t painful. Relax na relax ka lang 🙂

  2. Aimee, lapit na pala! 🙂 We’re the same as to having not much knowledge and support in breastfeeding when I gave birth. Good for you naka-6 months ka kay Tala. Ako 2 months lang kay Kelsea. Anyway, maybe you’d like to join Breastfeeding Pinays in FB 🙂

  3. Oh gosh abelgash! Lapit na sissy! Konti nalang. Alam mo we have the same breastfeeding story, like you I didn’t get any support for breastfeeding too so I easily gave up. My nipples bleed too! And it was traumatizing not to mention the pain from C-section, but I promise myself that if I give birth again I will really give my best effort to breastfeed my child. I feel sorry for Cyler kasi 3 mos ko lang sya napa-breastfeed. Anyway, hindi pa huli ang lahat pwde pang gumawa ng baby #2 in the future, right sis?! Breastfeeding all the way! 🙂

    • Confession Khaye… I’ve been stalking your blog for quite a while because you’ve posted the most extensive review of all the pumps you’ve used! Really informative and inspiring! Thanks for sharing the link! 😊

  4. Eeeepppp… I am excited for you and your whole family for the coming baby… When I had my 2 older daughters, I wasn’t able to breastfeed them that long too. I had no no support then and not even the OB told me about it. So when I had my youngest, Amaya, I decided on my own that I will breastfeed her as long as I can. And among my 3 girls, she was the longest to be breastfed (for me). I was able to breastfeed her for 5 months and a half. And for that I am so proud of what I have achieved and done for her. Take care always…

    • Good job Gretch! Doctors should be more trained in advocating breastfeeding for newborns especially since they are the ones we rely on for advice. Palibhasa they get incentives/perks from pharma companies who promote infant formula. Hay. Thanks for the well wishes!

  5. Sooo excited for ze bebe boy Aimee! I wasn’t able to breastfeed Lucas din because of PPD, C-section pain and when he had neonatal pneumonia. But like you I am determined to make it right with the second baby 🙂

  6. Hi! We are both preggy moms with our 2nd baby… Am also on my 7th month.. I just weaned my panganay last month before her 2nd birthday… Thats nice to hear that you will try to breastfeed your ze bebe longer this time. As for the bpump, got mine from babymama, the older version of the unimom forte, dont buy yet, better to try out with the different brands and models at babymama. She is very accomodating and you will really get your money’s worth. My unimom is now on being used by a niece and surely i can still use it until i wean my bunso….enjoy the last leg of the buntis period……

    • Congratulations! So inspiring to hear stories about moms who are able to breastfeed their kids past one year! Appreciate the advice about Babymama. So with that I assume she does meet-ups! That’s just awesome! Thanks a lot and you also, enjoy the last leg of your pregnancy! 🙂

  7. Hi Ms. Aimee,

    Congratulations in advance! I wonder why most moms complain of painful breastfeeding. I thank God for enjoying to breastfeed. I love doing it because it’s a relief especially if my kids get the milk na. I love it! Maybe I’m just lucky cguro to have a smooth breastfeeding activity with my little ones. I wish you well on this new journey again.

    • Thank you Donna! Wow you certainly are lucky for having an easy breastfeeding experience with your kids! Congratulations! They say nga that if it’s painful, then you’re not doing it right. I really need to do better this time around! Thanks for dropping by the blog!

  8. Aaaww.. Aimee! Glad you post this! Will check our coz I’m also looking for good breast pumps. 🙂 Bein’ a workin’ mama is sooo hard! And I really really wanna breastfeed my first born. Post whatever breastpump you’ll buy huh! 🙂

  9. Hi Aimee, first of all thank u so much for following my fb business page. Secondly, I know what u mean with the pro breastfeeding hospital, I’ve been thru the same thing and I really hate it and regret a lot of things. I’m sure you’d do superb this time. Oh, I have used medela breast pump, the big one with the a back pack and it worked very well for me. I even bought the car adaptor for it so I can still collect milk while I’m at work. best wishes to you!

    • Hi Abi, as much as I would like to buy a new Medela, I’m afraid I’m a little budgeted this time around. haha. I think generally speaking a lot of first time moms really go through a lot of regrets and adjustments. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that based on past experiences, I will be able to do better this time around! Thanks for the well wishes and congrats with the biz! You really are truly talented in what you do! 🙂

  10. I used the same breastpump as yours 🙂 Although I transferred to a dual Medela after the first one died on me. I always tell my friends that breastfeeding is a commitment, you have to be determined to breastfeed for it to be successful. I have a couple of blog entries on breastfeeding and expressing milk, I hope they help you. Think milk milk milk.

    • I would love a Medela dual pump but it’s expensive!!! haha. You’re right. Breastfeeding really is a commitment. I shall stalk your blog for tips! Thanks Cris! 🙂

  11. Hi, i swear by Medela PISA, it’s not a new model. There are more high tech ones from Medela. But Pump In Style Advanced works for me. Still using it for almost two years!

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