I know…what a weird title for a post. I’m sure you get what I mean.

I’ve been M.I.A. for a while but I hope you’ll forgive me. Been very busy with work and obviously stuffing my face silly which is why yet again, I’ve exceeded my 4lbs. a month quota. This month’s weigh in is at 6lbs. How on earth can you make sure you gain precisely 4lbs only…nothing more nothing less? Is that even possible?

Oh well. As the title suggests, I’d like to share a random food post. This is basically a hodge podge of everything I’ve been stuffing in my mouth recently. What can I say, when you’re pregnant, flavors are more pronounced and intense. Everything you spoon into your mouth feels like fireworks. I should have named this post “Taste buds gone wild”.  Warning: photo heavy post ahead. If you’re reading this with an empty stomach, you might wanna come back later.


Happy mid-Autumn festival! Lovely moon cakes from Enjoy Philippines. Lovely packaging too. Forgot to take photos of the actual moon cakes though. Haha.

After my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) which by far is the most brutal test known to pregnant women in my opinion, I made a mad dash to Yabu. Tried these for starters. Was hoping to try the spicy octopus that has gotten quite popular but unfortunately, they ran out.


 That’s Wakame (seaweed salad topped with ebiko) on the left and Hiyayakko Tofu on the right. Both are very tasty and really do a good job at cleansing your palate to prepare your taste buds for some major Katsu goodness.

And this is my rosu (120g) Katsu plate.  Served with coleslaw, rice, fruit and a hot bowl of Miso soup.


The Katsu deserves a close up. Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside.  Now I understand why people are going gaga over Yabu. So worth the raves.


Of course, this katsu won’t be as scrumptious if it wasn’t for the dipping sauce. This part takes a bit of work as you need to grind the toasted sesame seeds and pour sauce to thicken it.


And for dessert, we had the vanilla ala mode. How I wish the serving was bigger.


Recently, I was involved in the planning for the Dessert Comes First Fans Day which was held last Sept. 21.  It was a day where fans of DCF by Lori Baltazar were treated to free food samples in celebration of the launch of her new book. That event was a feast for the eyes and senses. Imagine this…13 carefully selected food purveyors were all there, ready to serve a variety of their best savory and sweet treats. A foodie’s dream come true!

Here’s a cookie cake specially made by Cookie Bar Manila for the event

During the event, I also got to try Gavino’s Donuts. These are Japanese donuts that are super soft and chewy. I am SO not a donut person. But these?…My God…these blew me away.


Beautiful desserts by Roshan009 008


Desserts from Kitchen’s Best015 014 013

Taho and Red Velvet Bono Gelato025These are just a fraction of the entire dessert caboodle but I think I’ve shown you enough to give you a tooth ache.

Let’s move on to some of the savory stuff.

024 Duck Cuapao by Spring of Ha Yuan 


Wagyu Beef Cheek Ramen by Nomama. I should really schedule a trip to their resto soon. I’ve had the opportunity to try their food twice during separate occasions and both times were utterly unforgettable.

I forgot to take photos of the rest of the food we had that day but needless to say, I went home full and happy and slightly disoriented. Must be symptoms of food coma! haha

Lastly, had these in 2nds early this week.


Lola Minute’s Steak ala Pobre


Peanut butter Creme Brulee. Yum.

See…now you know why I’ve been fattening up effortlessly during the past month. And writing this post has only ignited the hunger pangs in my tummy.  Oh dear. 😦

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