Palarong Pinoy + Food Biz

Last weekend, my kid’s school celebrated “Palarong Pinoy”. This was our second Palarong Pinoy (The first I blogged about here). Mr. D and I didn’t participate in the games anymore. Well, me for obvious reasons.  As for him, he had his hands full that day. I’ll tell you more about it later.

This year, the little girl was required to bring an Igorot costume. I asked her Grandma to help us out and she bought the skirt (tapis type), sash and beaded necklace (there were bracelets too which I forgot to put on her) and all these came from Baguio. Right after their mini parade of colors, the teachers asked us to dress up our kids right away. Since I was the only one tending to her at that time, I really had to work fast. Armed with my trusty safety pins (I know, so not safe but I made sure they were secured well), I pretty much just draped the skirt and styled her sash. I tied on her beaded necklace and we were good to go! There was some tastas action happening at the bottom of the skirt though (see lose threads below) but like the ninja that I was (haha) I managed to snip those right before her dance number. I swear I was sweating buckets and praying to God almighty that her skirt and sash don’t fall off in the middle of the presentation.


While dressing her up felt like forever, the dance number took just about a minute. I asked the teacher ” Yun na yun? O may kasunod pa?”. haha. I couldn’t believe it was so fast. She did so well though. So proud of my little girl. She was also very happy with her outfit that she didn’t want to take it off. When the dance number was over and I changed her back to her PE uniform, we then went over to where Mr. D and his team of cooks were. Yes you read it right, team of cooks!

You see, we’ve been talking about setting up our little food business for the longest time. It was a conversation that just kept on repeating itself over and over again. So when the opportunity came up, we decided to finally give it a go. We had two cooks who helped us that day and below was our menu.


Our meat products are fresh and very flavorful! Of course, the hotsilog was a hit with the kids, while the lumpiasilog was a hit with the moms.

Here’s the food overload shot! They were up since 4am! I helped out with wrapping the forks and spoons. hihi. That small chubby dimpled hand right there is Tala’s.

018We served fried rice and to make it healthy, we added turmeric and topped it off with bits of toasted garlic. We made sure that the servings were huge. See even in our hotsilog we served two hotdogs instead of the usual meals that only have one. Even our Tocino had huge chunky portions. Yum! Not bad for P60 right? We had ketchup, tamis anghang sauce and even organic vinegar by the condiments section. 016

Chunky slices of longganisa hamonado frying hot in the pan. Yum!  027

Eggs were cooked on the spot. That’s yaya. Team effort ito!

021I’m happy to say that we were able to feed a whole lot of hungry mouths that morning and the feedback was awesome! They said that we should have set up earlier as there were a lot of people looking for breakfast. Oh well. Next time! Overall, it’s not bad for our first run! If this is any indication of what’s in store for us in the future, then things look really promising I must say 🙂 We’re already thinking about possibly developing new product offers. Can’t wait!

By the time, we packed up and headed home, everyone collapsed out of sheer exhaustion. Fun times. haha. So that was our interesting weekend, Hope yours was a blast too!  🙂

16 thoughts on “Palarong Pinoy + Food Biz

  1. I love Tala’s costume. My kid’s Igorot costume is walang kwenta compared to that! LOL

    Congrats on the food biz! Ginutom ako sa pictures ng hotosilog at longganiza!

  2. Congratulations on the food business. I love a good ‘silog meal any time of the day, but I’d probably buy from yours if only because the menu is too cute! Parang ang sarap ng lumpiang bangus.

  3. Galing ng Biz aimee Ilove the concept the first time I saw these in IG =) Hi Tala ! You always look good =) malapit na birthday niya

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