Mommy Fleur Day!

Last Saturday was a whole lot of fun! It was the most awaited Mommy Fleur day! Fleur sent an invite to me and the rest of my mom blogger friends for her exclusive event in celebration of her four, or should I say “feur” years in the blogging world. We all blocked our schedules because there was no way we were going to miss this event! The event was held at the Rawai Skylounge in Royal Palm Residences. That place looks more like a resort than a residential area. Ganda!


Here’s a group shot regrammed from Maggie. From left to right, that’s the celebrant Mommy Fleur (who by the way just launched her new .com site) with her adorable little girl Anika, Peachy of She is Also an Architect, Dewmaine of The Chronicles of Nanay Dew, Maqui of Familia Kiki,  Maggie of Mommy Maggie’s Musings Sha, Yours Truly and Em of Akira and Everything Nice.

Here are some highlights taken from my trusty phone.


That’s Donya Fleur right there doing the raffle. In fairness ang daming prizes ha! I won a Manila Baby backpack which is now my little girl’s school bag. She loves it! I also got to take home a Mommy Mundo Diary and a yummy cake that has been the household after-dinner dessert for the whole week.

026 I’m glad to have seen a lot of familiar faces in the room. Can I just say, how starstruck I was with Wowa. I wanted to get her autograph. haha. 035Mommy Fleur cake by Tazzy Cakes

And now let’s move on to the what I would like to call the selfie portion! By the way I don’t believe at all in the superstition na bawal magpapicture pag tatlo kayo. Di naman obvious sa photos below that I don’t believe in such nonsense. haha.


Me. Louise of Mommy Practicality (whose blog I’ve been stalking for quite a while now. haha) and Sha


Maqui, moi and Sha


Em, Peachy and Maggie

Now on to the food shots! These photos do not do justice to the delectable spread we had that Saturday afternoon.


Roast pork belly! I instagrammed this saying it was roast beef, my bad! hihi


Why hello desserts

Food, food and more food!




Thanks again Fleur! It was a fantastic party! I had an awesome time! Congrats for your blogging success and for being an inspiration to so many women, including me! Keep blogging sistah! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Mommy Fleur Day!

  1. this is one event that I really missed… I really wanted to be there, hirap lang talaga ng malayo. hehehe! next year join na talaga ako. I am hoping to meet you as well as the other mommy bloggers….

    • Yes I really want to meet you na Grech! By the way, this might sound freaky but I had a dream about you. My family and I were in Lipa daw and then we stayed with you. haha.

  2. It was nice to see you again, Aimee! 🙂 It was a super fun party no?! 🙂
    Nahiya naman akong magbuntis kung hindi ako gasing sexy mo. hihihihe

    See you and the rest of the gang on the 28th! *mwah*

  3. Aimee, you are so skinny! Loves it!

    I’m inspired to have my own blogging day, too! But you know how I am incapable of throwing big parties!!! So pangarap na lang 🙂

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  5. Hello Aimee! This is a super late reaction to this nice post about Mommy Fleur Day! It was so nice meeting you sexy preggy momma! Hope we could meet up again soon and spend more time making chika! Take care and praying for your safe delivery my dear! Hugs! God bless you and your family always! 🙂

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