Tala-isms (Part 2)

Balay Isabel 048

I asked her a few weeks ago what she learned in school during Nutrition Month. She stood up proudly and recited “Junk food is bad for you because you’ll get heart attack!“. Hmmm… I guess “scare tactic” is the latest teaching tool now in school? Forget sluggishness and ugly skin! Skip obesity altogether why dontcha. Let’s go straight to the ultimate worst case scenario! Not that I’m not complaining. Junk food has zero appeal to her now. In fact she threatened to throw out her Uncle’s bag of Chippy. What can I say, this kid’s on a mission.

Yesterday, a 5 year old boy from the neighborhood knocks at the gate and offers to give santan flowers to Tala. She steps out of the door and seemed upset at what she saw. With hands on her waist. Β she scolds the child saying “Stop courting me!

Last month, 4 year old boy comes over to play with her and she panics saying “Mommy! Please fix my hair!!!“. I guess she likes this one. πŸ™‚


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  1. OMG, the santan story is so funny. At least Aims, if she stays like that, you and Mr D will be saved from heart attack in the future πŸ™‚

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