Pardon the Absence

Last week has been pretty hectic at work that I haven’t even had time to brush my hair let alone update my blog! No worries. Everything is A-OK in my side of the universe.  I’ve immersed myself fully in work and in the end, it proved to be such a fulfilling experience!

As much as possible, I really don’t like talking about work in this blog but the past week has been a super enriching experience for me that it’s really hard not to share. The project was related to art and we got the opportunity to hang out with the coolest people in the planet, Herakut! Make sure to click the link to see all the amazing work they’ve done all over the world.

That’s Hera of Herakut in action



Akut at work. He does the most realistic eye details. 065

This is one of the murals they’ve made. I love how they’ve incorporated something “local”. The tarsier looks adorable and that message truly resonates with me.

045I didn’t get to say goodbye but when I got to the office this morning, these lovely prints were sitting on my desk. Gifts from Herakut!


I am blown away by this artwork! Gorgeous! 115

And they signed it for me too. Too awesome. 🙂 116

It’s opportunities like these that make me love my job all the more! 🙂

So what have I missed in the blogosphere? Care to fill me in? 🙂


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