It’s a Boy!

It’s confirmed! We’re having a little junior in the family! πŸ™‚

Here’s the ultrasound that I had over the weekend.


You can see his side view profile at the top part. He has a nice pointy nose. He definitely didn’t get that from me haha. I am midway through my pregnancy and although things are looking great for the baby, I on the other hand, have doctor’s orders to fatten up! Admittedly, when I look at myself in the mirror, I look like a pregnant woman with sticks for legs! A lot of people have been telling me that I’m way too skinny for a pregnant woman. I know I know, I hear yah! In my opinion I’ve already been eating like a horse but I guess that’s still not enough. Guess I need to start hitting the buffet at least once a week! Carbs overload it is!

I also noticed how powerful his kicks are. Powerful and painful! While watching TV the other night, junior kicked me by the ribs and I let out a huge startling shout. It really knocked the wind out of me and left me reeling from pain for a brief few seconds. Are baby boys really like that?! Then I really need to do double time with the fattening up lest this child will start beating me up from inside haha. Makes me think about that Twilight movie where Bella was pregnant and in pain because her unborn child was eating her insides. Okay that’s a little morbid and yes I watched the movie, don’t judge me.

On the upside, I should be happy because it shows how strong and active this little boy is. I can already see a lot of chasing and running in the near future. Must be ready for that. I’m excited to see how the little one will change the dynamic in the house. I’m so used to dealing with a little girl with her witty quips and being all princess-y and girly. It would be refreshing to see what a rambunctious little cowboy can bring to the table. I can only imagine all the craziness that’s going to happen to the Diego household!…and I honestly can’t wait. πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!

  1. Ganyan talaga pag baby boy, sis! That’s the main reason why I had stretch marks after giving birth to Cyler. kung maka-galaw sa tummy ko… wagas! From time to time parang may riot sa tummy ko most especially pag bedtime na. Ugggh! But I miss those days, really.

    I’m pretty sure kakailanganin mo ng matinding energy for your little junior. So get ready! Exciting yan! πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats, Aimee and husband. First time to post a comment but I had been stalking your blog for quite some time now. Do you now have a name for the Baby Boy? I know you want something like Tala and I think “Alon” is also a nice name. Hehe. Just suggesting. πŸ˜€

    • Hi Thea! Thanks for reading my blog 😊 Were still thinking of a name but Alon does sound like a nice name! We’ll add that to the list! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Congratulations! I’ve had 2 boys and the first one hardly ever moved, if I’d tell my doctor then she would’ve been worried, but I knew that my child was just lazy hhaha The second one didn’t beat me up from inside but he moved soooo fast that I don’t even know how that’s possible!! πŸ˜€ Boys are definitely more work, but when they are older you don’t have to worry about bad boyfriends and heartbreaks hehhhee πŸ˜€

    • Hi Mammu! You’re right! Boys seem like more work but I do agree that I like the idea of not having to deal with pesky boyfriends for this one. Haha 😊

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