4th Month

To continue our on-going “bump project” (which we almost forgot we were doing haha), we took another photo this time to document my 18th week bump.


The bump has grown but just by a small bit. I can still fit into my jeans provided it has to hang below my belly. My size 8 denim shorts have been resurrected from the grave. Thank God I didn’t toss those out! From the front, the belly definitely looks rounder and bigger. I’ve been getting a lot of “Whoa!”s especially from those who had no idea I was expecting. It’s actually quite fun to see their reactions.

As for how my pregnancy is progressing, I’m happy to say that with God’s help things are going very smoothly. I feel energetic and can do so many things! There are times though when I forget that I’m pregnant and when I’m reminded by my bump, I have to consciously try to slow down my pace. haha.

Can’t wait for the next ultrasound! I miss seeing the little bebe in the belly. Around this time he should be capable of yawning and burping already. Makes me smile whenever I think about it.

So there…Happy Hump Day to you! Or in my case, Happy Bump Day! πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “4th Month

  1. You’re about to make a new person. There aren’t words for what that even is. But something in the lines of “amazing” does apply πŸ™‚ Congratulations!

  2. Waaait! Aren’t you gaining weight? As it looks, yung bump lang ang lumalaki πŸ™‚ sexy ka pa din. And I envy those arms! Waaah.

    Can’t wait for more photos of you, the bebe’s ultrasound and Ate Tala. Samahan mo ndin ng cameo roles ni Mr. D. Lol.

    Have a safe pregnancy, sis!

    • Thanks Em! I’m trying to gain weight (doctor’s orders) but kahit anong lakas ko kumain parang sa bata lang lahat napupunta haha. So far I’ve gained 9 lbs since the start of the pregnancy pero parang belly weight lang ata yun. Hehe. Will post more pics soon! πŸ™‚ Thanks again sis!

  3. All of a sudden naalala ko bigla when I was pregnant with my girls, as they say to me, maliit daw ako magbuntis… and with my 3rd pregnancy, hirap din ako mag-gain especially the 1st trimester, hirap talaga… Can’t wait to see more pics… πŸ™‚

  4. Wow! 4months na pala si baby boy! Bilis! Aimee, ang payat mo pa rin yung tummy lang and mejo lumalaki! Kain pa ng konti (konti lang for the baby!). πŸ™‚

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