First Movie Theater Experience

I’ve heard numerous stories of people ranting about their ruined movie experience due to screaming toddlers in the cinema. I myself have experienced that. As much as possible I don’t want to have to put other people through that misery. I also don’t want to be one of those parents who would keep relentlessly apologizing to people for the misbehavior of my child. So I waited and made sure the little girl was ready. We took her to watch Monster’s University. A few weeks after that we saw Despicable Me 2. Both experiences were a success! I guess it helped that the movies were child-appropriate (a must!). I still can’t understand how some parents take their small children to watch films that are not suitable for them. Of course they would run amuck in the cinema!

She sat through all 2 hours of both movies, while munching on her bag of popcorn. She was fully engaged. Every time I asked her if she was okay, she would “ssshhhh” me. Sorry naman. I think she enjoyed Despicable Me 2 more because after the movie, she kept shouting “That was awesome! Woohoo!”.

If there’s anything that contributed to the “success” of both experiences, I would say it was the fact that we thoroughly briefed her about what to expect, especially on her first movie. We told her that the cinema was dark and cold and that there was a big screen in front. We also told her that it was very important that she behaves in the cinema at all times. In all “firsts”, we as parents, always try to manage her expectations. The same happened when we took her for her first live musicale. We briefed her a day before the show.

I also think it’s the age. She can do things on her own now and can focus well at 3.9. If we took her for her first movie at 2 years old, things would have ended differently. The key is to know when your kids are ready. As parents, you would know.

Also, can I just say how much I love how Ayala malls have those booster kids for toddlers? Those are quite a blessing. That made her movie experiences more comfortable. I failed to take a photo of her first movie (Monster’s University) so this was her souvenir photo from Despicable Me 2. I enjoyed it too. Those minions crack me up!


Have you taken your toddler to the movies yet? What was your experience like? 🙂


15 thoughts on “First Movie Theater Experience

  1. Adorable. 🙂 We brought Allie to a movie theater when she was 2.5 months old. Slept throughout. It was for our own benefit though. I guess that doesn’t count. Haha. We have’t tried again. We’re waiting for her to be ready just like what you said. Soon!

  2. Yay to Tala! I havent taken Lucas to the cinema yet. You’re right, i think it’s important that the toddler is ready. Maybe when he’s three or four :). I love this movie! Especially when they were singing I swear hehe

  3. We haven’t watch Despicable movie yet! I must agree with you, dapat talaga ready na ang toddler pag dinala sa movie house like in my case hindi pa talaga ready si Cyler for movie house coz he gets bored easily kaya wait muna kami for the right time. No need to hurry. 🙂

    Ang cute ng expression ni Tala ah! 🙂

    • Thanks Mommy Sha! Pag ready na si Cyler I’m sure mage-enjoy yan sa movies! Lalo na yung tipong pang boys na animation like Cars for instance. 🙂

  4. With my Amaya, even though it is a cartoon that is being shown in the theater, naku! ang kulet… but when Avengers or any action film that was shown, nakaupo siya. hahaha! I guess it depends on the mood as well. And by the way, we still have to watch DESPICABLE ME 2.

  5. wow, so proud of tala! it’s very rare that a child her age can hold an attention span that long. excellent job sa inyo ni mr. d for setting the proper expectations.

  6. yay looking so grown up there, Tala! i hope you can finally meet Maia (who has yet to experience watching movies in an actual moviehouse…i’m delaying till maybe she would ask me to take her haha) soon!

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