Tale of the Amazing Ukay Find

I’ve been ranting for days on Twitter that I have got to get myself a pair of boots. The weather in Manila has been el terrible and everytime I go home, I always end up with soaked feet. Eeewww…I know.

Yesterday I dropped by SM Makati prepared to buy one of those rain boots just to keep my feet dry. No use going ladies. They’re out of rain boots. People must have hoarded.

I felt defeated so I decided to leave. While walking, I passed by an ukay (thrift) store in the Ayala Transit Station. It was a tiny stall that sold shoes and bags.


As much as I love the thrill of ukay shopping, I don’t do it very often as i have the worst allergies in the world. Non-stop sneezing, itchy red eyes, the works.

But today I decided to look around the thrift store when my eyes fell on a few pairs of boots that looked promising. Spotted one that I instantly fell inlove with. Gorgeous leather and craftsmanship! Just by the looks of it you’d know it was an expensive pair of boots. I perused it further and was shocked to see the brand.


Is this for real? Did I just find a pair of Prada boots in the thrift store? And what do you know, it was a size 7 too! If someone told me it were a knock-off, I would be very very surprised. The italian leather, the quality stitching, the sturdy engraved zippers, the design and the details…I’m 99% sure I scored the real deal.

Of course, when it comes to ukay shopping you should never ever make it obvious that you just hit the jackpot. Doing so will hurt your wallet that I know for sure. Leave all the insane banshee screaming for when you’re out of earshot. So I acted nonchalant and negotiated a much lower cost than the selling price. I can’t believe that I managed to score fine italian leather Prada boots for the same budget I would have spent on cheap rubber boots in SM.

I have a feeling these babies are going to be my partner this entire wet rainy season. Speaking of rainy season, this has been my official uniform since wet season started…thick sweater, loose top, leggings and now, I get to throw in dem fierce designer boots to complete the rainy day look. I imagine these boots will look great with skirts too!


Yup, from the front the bump isn’t noticeable which is why I don’t get special treatment from a lot of people. I still stand in trains. Boo. Haha. Not their fault I guess.

So that’s the scoop on my amazing thrift find! I feel like I won the lotto! How about you, any cool thrift finds lately? 🙂

12 thoughts on “Tale of the Amazing Ukay Find

  1. I loooove those boots Aimee! When i saw your IG pic i could not believe you scored those boots! Lucky lucky you! And that outfit is just fab! 😊

  2. Love the boots! Is it okay for leather boots to get soaking wet? I’ve never worn boots before. I have UGGs though, but it doesn’t seem like they’re made to be wet.

    • Thanks! I think it’s okay to wet leather boots 😊 are your UGGs made of suede? If yes, sadly those are a no-no for rainy weather. The material will get ruined.

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