Mood Swings

I’ve been having the worst mood swings ever! Sometimes I feel elated over the simplest things like the breezy weather or seeing my kid’s scribbles. I walk around with a silly grin on my face and an unmistakeable glow (their words not mine). At times the tiniest annoyances will make scream and wail like a mad woman! I know it’s normal as it’s all part of the big hormonal changes that my body is going through but I feel bad for those who stand witness to my lunacy! I really do!

Like Mr. D for instance. Sometimes I find myself missing him so much even if we’ve only been apart for a few hours, that I end up smothering him with hugs and kisses the moment I see him. And there are times when just the mere sight or smell of him irritates the hell out of me. I told him once “Lumayo ka sakin!!!” (Stay away from me!!!). The poor guy was just watching TV and didn’t know what hit him. My officemates have not been spared from my emotional outbursts. Don’t worry. I haven’t screamed at them or anything like that (thank God). It’s more like I’m okay one moment and the next, they’ll see me slumped in my chair saying “I wanna cry!!!”.

Hopefully when I hit the second trimester in a week’s time, my mood swings won’t be as bad. I need to get back to my old self. I don’t wanna drive people bananas.

Have you had weird mood swings when you were pregnant? Care to share the horror stories? It might make me feel better. Haha

8 thoughts on “Mood Swings

  1. One Que horror story that I could remember was putting make up on Khan’s face while he was sleeping. He got so mad at me one day because he had a hard time removing the waterproof mascara off his eye lashes. Lol. Pasalamat nlng sya at wala pang one day tattoo na eye liner noon. Hihihi.

  2. Oooh I remember loving Mike to bits when I was pregnant and having aversion towards persons A,B, and most especially C. Ang bilis Aimee! 2nd trimester na agad! 🙂

  3. I craved for lanzones but the lanzones my husband brought was maasim! Super asim and may buto. So I amde him eat it. Sounds easy? Nope. Hindi siya kumakain ng lanzones. So it was a torture, naiiyak na siya! Haha! And ayoko siyang nakikitang nakahubad, binabato ko siya ng kahit anong mahawakan ko. 😀

    • Natawa ako sa part na ayaw mo siyang nakikita na nakahubad! Super funny! Haha. I’m sure to be force-fed sour lanzones was torture for him. Lol 😊 thanks for sharing Denise!

  4. I guess this is one of the things that I fear most about pregnancy. Whiner na nga ako in the first place what more pa if I’m going through a massive hormonal change like this 😉 I just might drive my husband nuts. Lol. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon and I pray that you’ll have a safe pregnancy 🙂

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