Pregnancy Cravings

The first trimester for me has been all about battling nausea, managing mood swings and satisfying those weird cravings. Speaking of cravings, just want to show you what I’ve been craving for in the past months.


Green mangoes has been my one constant craving all throughout the first three months. I dip it in Kikkoman soy sauce (Yes it has to be that brand) or good old bagoong (shrimp paste).  I munch on these practically anytime of the day.


I have a bottle of pickles at home that I take out of the fridge every time the taste buds call for it. I do miss those whole salty pickles that I’ve tried in the US. The kind served with a bunch of fries and fatty cheeseburgers. Those are simply the best! Wonder where I can find those in Manila?


There was one whole week when I ate nothing but avocados. I asked our helper to cut em up, add milk and chill it. While she was working in the kitchen, all of a sudden I heard the loud buzz of the blender in action and that’s when I realized what she was doing. It was too late for me to say “stop!!!”. Needless to say, we ended up with a large batch of mushed avocado puree. I almost wanted to cry but when I tasted it, I realized it wasn’t bad after all. I ate it all the same even if the texture was like baby food. 010

Santol makes me happy. When I was pregnant with Tala I also craved santol. One time Mr. D’s relatives from the province sent a whole bunch of santol and I couldn’t be happier. At one time I had nine santols that I  just lovingly gazed at. I remember that I went upstairs briefly and left my “babies” on the table to get something. When I came back to the dining room, I found Mr. D  munching away happily on two santols that he peeled and was dipping in rock salt. I went hysterical. I cried and cursed at him like a  mad devil woman. I scared the crap out of him. If he pulls that one on me again,  the claws are coming out again so I am guarding my santols with my life. 093

Adobong kangkong happens to be one of my favorite dishes. I consider this a pregnancy craving as I find myself looking for this at odd hours of the day. When I took this pic it was at 4am and I just finished a whole plate before going back to bed.


I’ve been craving for anything tomato-based. If I can only chug down a bottle of ketchup I would have. I went to the grocery and bought this for myself. I closed my eyes to savor every sip. I asked Mr. D to taste it and he almost vomited.  haha. 🙂

What did you crave for when you were pregnant? 🙂

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  1. the only craving i can recall was for indian mangoes. but i wanted to eat them almost every day. i was really mad at the hubs because he refused to buy me some. suffice to say, he learned his lesson the hard way. he is now fully aware to never ever shrug off a pregnant woman’s cravings.

  2. Hmmm try s&r for the pickles. Get the bottled ones that require refrigeration. Those are the ones they serve with burgers and fries in the US. 🙂
    I didn’t really have food cravings when I was pregnant. But it made me happy whenever I get a full serving of Chipotle’s beef burrito bowl. :p oh wait, that makes me happy even when I wasn’t pregnant. Lol

    • Oh my Leslie. Steak sounds good right about now. There I go again! haha. I think I also craved for corn during my first pregnancy. I remember making stops in Katipunan near Ateneo where they sell Japanese corn.

  3. I used to crave for frozen yogurt. One night when i was hoping for one, Mike proudly presented me with a cup of yogurt that he placed in our freezer. I couldnt stop laughing then. Hehe.

  4. Makes me go gaga that I can’t get pregnant.. yet 😦 Mas masarap pa naman ang lasa ng food, yes? 🙂

    Halos pareho tayo ng cravings.But instead of pickles, mine was Kamias. But still, almost the same din ang lasa 🙂 yaikes! nangangasim ako tuloy ngayon.
    Try mo din mag add ng cheese and corn sa avocado, yummy din!

    Have you eaten almost everything that you craved for? Ako kasi, hindi. Nalibot na nmin ang buong Lipa at Bacoor, hindi pa din ako nakahanap ng ice buko (yes! yung old school ice buko with monggo on top).

    • Curious…why is it that you can’t get preggers yet Em? Are you looking at a big age gap between Akira and bebe # 2? 🙂 I agree eating when pregnant is a totally different experience altogether. Like you can taste every single ingredient with every bite. haha 🙂 Cheese on avocado sounds yummy! I’ll try that! Meron pa ko gusto na di ko parin nakakain. It’s the same craving I had with Tala. A fruit called “karamay”. Para siyang tiny green tomatoes na crunchy and maasim. 🙂

      • Yup. We’re looking at 5-7 years age gap. At hallu, up to know nadede padin si Akira. Baka by the time she’s weaned baka nasa bewang na boobs ko. Hahaha.

  5. Hi A… great you’re eating healthy! :).. I remember craving for siopao and chicken balls and substitute was out of the question, when I had Ella — but since I had to rest in my parent’s place in Nueva Ecija… I drove Nanay crazy finding both. At that time those were only available either in Tarlac or in Cabanatuan… crazy things pregnancy do to a mom! 😀

    • Lucky that I’ve been craving for mostly healthy stuff but just today I started getting chocolate cravings na. Time to pile on the pounds! haha. I agree. Pregnant women can go through crazy lengths just to satisfy their cravings! 🙂

  6. Hi Aimee =) healthy cravings there with you! go go go same with you with mangoes (actually till now hehhe) oh I remembered it was McDo Coke Float (unhealthy!) but during that time only. Happy cravings! Anu pala sabi ni Tala when she first learned she will be an ate?

    • Yes luckily I’ve been craving for healthy stuff. But a McDo Coke Float sounds good right about now! hmmm. haha 🙂 Tala seems excited that she’s going to be an ate. She talks to my tummy and tells the baby stories about tigers and lions. Wait a minute…baka naman tinatakot na niya. haha. We try to involve her in the process. We take her to check-ups so she can see the baby through the ultrasound 🙂

  7. with my eldest daughter, mangoes na dapat makinis ang balat. hahaha! and i don’t like yung may mga black spots or something, dapat makinis ang balat. with my 2nd daughter, DUNKIN DONUTS, yup that brand and dapat, CHOCOLATE. hahaha! with my 3rd, pag sakay ko ng car ng hubby and once umandar na, sleep na ako but wiht my 3rd was the most difficult. and funny thing is, I NEVER CRAVED for green mango dipped in shrimp paste and i really don’t know why. stay safe and enjoy being pregnant… 🙂

    • Wow dapat makinis na mangoes talaga! Winner! 🙂 It’s so fun to know what women crave for during their pregnancies. Thanks for sharing Grech! 🙂

  8. anything sweet! however, there was a time i desperately wanted cotton candy that i went all the way to market market to buy one. i got so guilty for craving junk food so i bought pineapple and happily ate the cotton candy and pineapple together 🙂

    • Cotton candy and pineapple! What a combo Cj! haha. Kaya ka pala nawawala ng matagal nun. Nagma-market market ka pala! As if ako hindi eh sabay lang din tayo nag buntis. hahaha. 🙂

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