Yummy Eats 2013

Early this month, I received complimentary tickets to the Yummy Eats 2013 Food Fair. It was actually my first time to go. I went before the crowd got crazy so  I was in NBC tent half an hour after they opened. 107Empty cocktail tables. It pays to be early. 110I wasn’t able to complete my passport. My tummy can only hold so much. But among the 50++ concessionaires that were there, almost everything I’ve tried was superb! Warning: Major food porn alert. If you’re starving and have no access to food in the next half hour, I suggest you skip this post for much later.

My plan of attack was to go savory first and save the desserts for last.

Here’s a gargantuan dish of Pio’s Paella. This Paella Marisco is very tasty and is seasoned to perfection. I can eat this all day.


Paella Negra


Stuffed lechon by Pepita’s Kitchen. I wish their serving was bigger! It’s hard to enjoy lechon when you only have a teeny tiny piece to savor. haha118

Rub Ribs115And their fish and chips113

While I was there, I made a mental note to drop by the Paper Chic Studio booth. I think they were the only non-food booth in the entire bazaar136


And of course I had to say “Hi” to Cai. Here’s a pic of me, Cai and Y. 138I couldn’t leave the booth without getting myself some goods. Got myself loads of washi tape which by the way is my current addiction. I’ve been washi-taping everything. It’s very therapeutic I tell you. haha. 143

On to the desserts!

Cupcakes by Cupcake Lab



Care to try some chocnut butter? I know a lot of people will go ape for this.

119Desserts from Simply Pie121120

Macarons from Alchemy131132More macarons from Chez Karine 129And their puddings too 126128

But among all the desserts I’ve tried in the food fair, the only one that gave me major foodgasm was from a totally unexpected product. I think I’ve seen Kristina’s Inutak once or twice before but I’ve never paid attention to it as I’m not a big fan of kakanins and rice cakes. To me they are all the same.

142Boy was I wrong! When they served it with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, I died. The combination of the rice pudding and the ice cream was like fireworks in my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised that something so simple and modest could taste so good! The next time you see this around, please make sure to eat it ONLY with vanilla ice cream. I promise you. You will never look at rice puddings the same way again.

124I took off at 11:30 as I had work on that day but it was an awesome experience which I intend to make a yearly thing from hereon out. Can’t wait for Yummy Eats 2014!

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  1. good thing I just ate lunch! everything looks good indeed!! and have to agree with inutak + vanilla ice cream as a killer combo. altho, yes anything kakanin is always a winner in my food list. 😀 is yummy eats a yearly thing? i was salivating nga while viewing your instagram posts that day.

  2. Uy I love inutak! Superrrr! Sometimes meron sa Glorietta pag may food bazaar dun. Love all the photos…kakagutom! 🙂

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