If there’s one word that would describe recent experiences as of late, I would use the word “Inspire“.


Have you taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test? I know of some who have done the test and are aware of their psychological profiles. Not me. I’m a late bloomer. I only found out during a recent two day strategic planning session. As it turns out, I’m an INFJ which stands for Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Judging. (More detailed description about INFJs here). The room was basically split into three based on each group’s personality types, and I was the only one representing my personality type. The only one.

True enough, INFJs make up for only 1% of the whole population and is the most rare type of personality. This probably explains why all my life I feel like I don’t really fit in. Sad fact I know, but I think for most part it’s really by choice. haha. According to all the materials I’ve read, it says we’re introverts and are always drawn to inspiring and helping others. If you see the chart, my name appears at the bottom right and it says “An inspiration to others“. I must admit I do like the sound of that 🙂 If anything, I do enjoy motivating others. I also like the fact that I share the same personality type as Mother Teresa and Oprah. haha.  So my question is, are there any other INFJs out there? Anyone? It’s getting to be a little lonely in my psychological corner in the universe. haha.


Photo grabbed from Dainty Mom

The day after my strat planning, I attended the Blog Inspired workshop organized by the lovely ladies behind these blogs: Dainty Mom, Optimommy, Wifely Steps and Beyond Silver and Gold. It was a very enlightening workshop that talked about finding your life’s purpose and how to translate that in your blog. It also talks about finding your voice and being authentic. I also particularly like how the speakers shared the importance of using your blog as platform or medium to inspire others and how one should prioritize that, over the money-making aspects of blogging. There goes that phrase again… “inspire others“. I know it’s really been haunting me. haha. I really enjoyed the workshop! It was awesome to be surrounded by such positive energy from blogging sisters who are all passionate about telling their stories.

Also quite recently, I joined a contest run by Dainty Mom about what inspires one to blog. I joined that contest and here’s my entry. I basically talked about how blogging has helped me unleash my inner strengths and help me achieve something I never thought possible. I’m referring to the time I managed to bike all the way from QC to Tagaytay. I still consider that to be one of my proud personal achievements. 🙂

When I wrote that entry it was more than the prizes that motivated me to write it. It was more of the sharing aspect as I just wanted to tell my story and hopefully inspire others. Lady luck must be on my side because thankfully, my name was drawn and I was one of the two winners! 🙂

017This photo was taken last Sunday. That’s Ivy of Our Lemonade Days  (also a blog contest winner) and of course Martine of Dainty Mom and Vito! 🙂 It was refreshing to swap stories with these two fine ladies while Vito busied himself as he tinkered on the stuff all around him. hihi. By the way, speaking of winning prizes, I was also one of the winners of Kikay Mommy Sha’s Blogversary Giveaway! Woohoo! 🙂 The fact that I’ll have cupcakes ready for my kid’s 4th birthday is just amazing to me. Thanks Sha!

Going back to the point of this post, I feel like the universe must be conspiring as the message is so clear it’s almost blinding! I might as well tattoo the word “Inspire” on my hip! Okay Universe, I get it I get it. Don’t need to rub it in my face! haha.

I guess this only means one thing. If I haven’t been inspiring anyone enough yet, I should focus more on doing that because apparently, it’s not just a need that I want to fulfill…it’s ingrained within me and part of my psychological makeup (See MBTI above). I consider it a blessing and a gift that I have to continuously nurture. I know that in time, the steps to successfully accomplish that will unravel on its own. For now, I’ll just do what comes naturally to me and that is to share stories through my blog. Knowing I’ve inspired one or two readers would mean I’m definitely on the right track 🙂

9 thoughts on “Inspire

  1. i’m an INFJ too! but I took MBTI a couple of years ago and results may change over time. Congrats on your wins Aimee!

    • I knew it! I knew it! Hope that doesn’t sound weird. Haha. It must be the “iNtuition” part of me that knew.

      When I was thinking of possible INFJs you were the first person that popped into my head! No kidding! 🙂

      Thanks Maggie! I’m glad I’m not alone. But you’re right one’s MBTI might change over time. I have a feeling I’ll be an INFJ for good though. Haha

  2. Well, you inspire me Aimee. That’s one on your list ;0) I know I took that test years ago but I can’t remember what my result was. Must take it soon again. Hehe. Just for the fun of it.

  3. It was a real pleasure meeting you, Aimee. And great job on the blog – such well-written, thoughtful posts. 🙂

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