Mother’s Day Giveaway Sponsored by Paper Chic Studio

Mother’s day is just around the corner and to celebrate the occasion, our good friends from Paper Chic Studio are sponsoring a giveaway in my blog. How cool is that? πŸ™‚

Here are the prizes at stake!


Baking cups, Paper straws, Favor bags, Baker’s twine and Candy cups! πŸ™‚ You’ll have all the chic party supplies you’ll ever need!

Here are the simple mechanics…on the comment section below, leave your name, email address and answer this question“What is the most rewarding part of being a mom?”. That’s it! πŸ™‚

Contest will run from May 4 – 12, 2013. Will announce the winner on May 13! Gift pack will be shipped anywhere in the Philippines. Good luck Mommas! πŸ™‚

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33 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Giveaway Sponsored by Paper Chic Studio

  1. The most rewarding part of being a Mom is watching them grow and knowing that they are making a mark in the world and that is in part of me and of course loving them and them loving me back unconditionally.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all Mommies! =)

  2. Being a mom to 2 girls aged 4 years and 2, the most rewarding part is appreciating the moment and the small things in life, especially in world where moms are preoccupied with a lot of things like work, house, finances, etc. It is really a reward where being a mom, I am able to stop and be still and appreciate every second, every moment my babies sleep, play, eat, sleep again, play and eat. My life blends with their kids life and that for me is a reward.

  3. Abegail Mingo
    There’s so much to tell when it comes to the rewarding part of being a mom. The simplest things really mean so much already. From the smiles and laughter that they give the moment they open their eyes. To the wet kisses and tight embraces whenever they make lambing. The scar I got from the painful CS becomes a wound that will heal eventually. The pain becomes nothing because of the pure love I get from them. I guess that’s the most gratifying part of my motherhood to my two adorable daughters. And that is irreplaceable.

  4. I think it’s when you see your kids growing up well, with values, with character. Then you know that all your efforts are worth it.

  5. The most rewarding part of being a mom is when you see your children succeed in life. And when I say “succeed”, it doesn’t just mean in their respective careers, but also in their way of life. How they treat people regardless of their status in life, how they share their blessings, how they manage their problems, etc. All these are learned by being a living example. When your child has a good heart, then you can die knowing that he/she will be alright.
    Khristine Tamayo

  6. Wow! I need this for Cyler’s birthday party! I am joining!

    Sharon Ricafort

    The most rewarding part of being a mom is watching my son grow each and every day according to the will of God… and of course the hugs, kisses, and never ending joy that I get from my son everyday! πŸ™‚

  7. Janet Bautista

    The most rewarding part of being a Mom is coming home to a noisy house filled with my children’s voices and later being greeted by cheeky smiles and kisses! Nakakatanggal ng pagod di ba?

  8. The most rewarding part of being a Mom is opportunity to feel unconditional love for another human being. Despite all the screaming, tantrums, unpredictable schedules and sleepless nights I will truly be forever thankful that I am blessed with 2 active boys.

  9. Lyka madrigal /

    The most rewarding part of being a Mom is seeing my son grow up to be a person that respects everyone, know God and follow him. one more rewarding thing is when he appreciates everything you do for him and all the hugs, kisses and “i love you” i get from him πŸ™‚

  10. the best part of being a mother is when i got home from work, my little Kendrei would welcome me with his innocent smile and that would fade all the stress and tiredness from the whole day’s work. and plus the sloppy kisses I get from him! and he’s only 6 months old!

  11. Being a single working mom to a one year old baby girl is not so easy. But starting and ending my day with my baby’s smile and kisses make all the sacrifices and hard work pay off. It’s always the simple things that make it so rewarding to be a mom. πŸ™‚

  12. Marjorie Kenneth B. Navarro
    #223 San Juan Calamba Laguna

    The most rewarding part of being a mom is simply seeing your kids everyday as a good person. πŸ™‚

  13. The most rewarding part of being a mom is being showered with lots and lots of wet kisses and bear hugs for everything you do/give for your kids πŸ™‚
    Happy mom’s day!


    One of my absolute reward of being a mother is the pure joy I get from seeking out awe-inspiring experiences. – ordinary moments that truly are magical in the eyes of a child. Learning to value the moment that matters and live in each day fully by surrendering to the magic of childhood unfolding before our eyes.

  15. The most rewarding part of being a mom… is found in personal growth, the discovery of the love you are capable of. True, there are so many joyful moments that are made possible by the presence of your children in your life. Those painfully innocent smiles, the expression of pure joy at the simplest of pleasures… But more than that, you find yourself changed into a higher form of being – a much improved, unthinkably selfless version of yourself. The best reward, the best gift that motherhood brings – because as magical as the experience is, it is far from a breezy walk in the park – is the motivation to be the best person that you could be. Because without the kiddos, I’m not entirely certain I would have thought to plumb those depths within me. πŸ™‚

  16. mel cantara-borricano

    The most rewarding part of being a mom is the gazillion hugs and kisses i get each day, little gestures that show me that despite my imperfections and my shortcomings, my tiny tyrant looks up to me and loves me unconditionally. Each peck on the cheek, no matter how sloppy. each tight embrace – tells me I am Super Mom in her eyes! It’s something that motivates me to be the best person I can be so I can at least be worthy of that adoration

  17. The most rewarding part is seeing your child grow… And having the opportunity to grow with your child. Having children makes you really want to be better at everything: cooking, arts and crafts, creative play… And the list goes on and on.;)

  18. The most rewarding part? The unlimited kisses and hugs you get everyday. The smell of morning breath from an open-mouthed sleeping tot. The feeling of joy when you protect someone. The feeling of pride when your child learns his/her firsts. The chance to be a the best storyteller in your child’s eye and the best singer in your child’s ear. Being held tight by small hands. The warmth of a evening cuddles with a little body with a round tummy and fluffy cheeks. I could go on forever! πŸ™‚

  19. Herline M. Francisco

    First of all Advance Happy Mother’s Day to all the momma around the world and to you Ms. Aimee.

    As a mom to a 1 year 10 month old baby girl, the most rewarding part of being a mom is to hear her say “YAB YU MIMI” in her own cute words every night before she sleeps. It never fails to make me smile.

  20. Joining here, Aimee! πŸ™‚

    The most rewarding part of being a mom is seeing Akira grow in to such a healthy, bright, and happy little girl! Knowing that she will make a mark in the world and me being a part of it is just an icing on the cake πŸ˜‰

  21. Erlaine Gool

    The most rewarding part of being a mom for me is receiving love notes and hearing ‘you’re the best mom ever’ from my sweet Kelsea. Because i know it truly comes from her heart and makes me feel very much appreciated.

  22. When my son did a great soccer goal, he asked me, “What’s my prize?” I told him, “You know that feeling you felt exactly after that ball hit the goal?” He nodded. I said, “That’s your prize…it’ll stay with you for a long, long time.” This is exactly how I will describe the most rewarding part of being a mother. That unspeakable, indescribable feeling of motherhood — it helps me trod on through the day, through tears and laughter. That unspeakable, indescribable feeling — it will linger with me forever, even as they grow up and go. =>

  23. Habol ako!

    The most rewarding part of being a mom are the countless praises, hugs and kisses you get from every tiny thing you do for the little one. And i love that (for first time moms like me), no matter how much of a failure I’d feel on some days, the kid just doesn’t seem to mind at all. To her, I’m the one and only supermom this whole wide world will ever have.

    Faye Paras

  24. the most rewarding part of being a mom is to see them always smiling at me, hug me and the most inspiring is they always tell me ” i love you mom, always…”

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