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So how was your weekend? Mine was relatively calm. Exactly what I needed. I originally planned on posting some deep thoughts in this post but I decided to put that off until the time is right. Instead I decided to post something random and shallow. haha. Admit it, sometimes it’s these kind of posts we enjoy reading about no? 🙂 It still boggles me how my random posts seem to get the highest hits.

On to the subject of this post.

I remembered that I haven’t tried anything from Human Nature lately (Some people call it Human Heart Nature) so I decided to order a few items from their website. Online shopping is a breeze and I got this box in two days.


Here are the goods…005

…and here’s what I think about them. (Disclaimer: below is a summary of my personal opinion and experience with the products. Your opinion/experience may be highly different from mine. Just wanted to point that out)

1) Human Nature Balancing Facial Wash – This has a very strong citrusy refreshing scent. The small green particles in the wash add a very slight friction once rubbed into the skin. It’s not at all bothersome. What got me curious about this product is the elemi ingredient in the wash which apparently is a key ingredient in some luxury beauty brands. This facial wash is supposed to balance the oils in your face so it’s ideal for those with oily skin. I’ve been using it for over 4 days. Good news is, no breakouts! However, oil production hasn’t decreased significantly yet but I’m still optimistic that in time the results will be more noticeable. Meaning goodbye to oiliness!

2) Human Nature Natural  Shampoo & Human Nature 100% Natural Conditioner – these aren’t “knock your socks off” spectacular but the fact that they’re made from all natural ingredients as compared to the usual commercial ones make these A-okay in my book. The shampoo doesn’t lather on that well though, but that’s just a minor. I am loving the Vanilla scent of the conditioner and I wish the smell would linger for much longer. Overall, these two are okay products to have as a staple in one’s shower I think.

3) Human Nature Baby Wash – Love the soothing chamomile scent. I use these with a sponge to make bath time more fun for the toddler. Packaging is cute too.

4) Human Nature Soap (2 Bars) – Sadly for a soap that’s 100% natural, I find that it stings. Reminds me of when I once tried Papaya soap (don’t remember the brand), I literally had to rinse twice to remove the uncomfortable stinging feeling that it left on my skin. To think, I bought two bars of this. Oh  well. Will probably just give one away.

5) Human Nature Tinted Lip Balm – I’ve read so many raving reviews about this one which made me purchase since it’s a no brainer at P79.75! I’ve been using it for the past three days but I honestly don’t get what the big deal is. It doesn’t even do a good job in moisturizing my lips. Maybe that’s just me. I just realize now I should stop believing everything I read online. Seriously. But if there’s any upside to this, I do like the peppermint scent and that it has a pop of color. Plus the fact that what your slapping on your lips is natural rather than those paraben-infused products still makes this one, worth a second look I think. I got the pink orchid but maybe I should have gotten the one that’s reddish so it shows up more on the lips.

6) Human Nature 100% Natural Bug Shield – I bought two bottles of this as I usually stock up on insect repellents especially for my little girl. I am scared to death of Dengue as I was a victim of the nasty disease, not once but TWICE! So happy that I found this but guess what…after one use I started developing a bad rash. Started as itchy bumps on my arms but now it morphed into red and gross dots. Reminds me of that one time I tried an organic brand of spray-on deodorant. I got terrible rashes in my underarms that stayed on for weeks! It was terrible!

I’m quite sad when I encounter natural and organic products that I seem to be allergic to. Apparently not all natural products are gentle enough for sensitive skin. I guess for certain products, I really need to stick to the commercial kind. Boo.

Moving on, Cuzo put their nylon totes on sale recently and since I’ve been looking for a roomy classy looking bag, I decided to buy one Carla foldable tote. I feel like this one can fit not just the kitchen sink, but the entire house! All nylon totes were on sale at 1,000 each. Not to shabby eh? And the awesome part about ordering from them was that I got same day delivery! That part always blows my mind! 🙂

About the bag, I love the design, the material, as well as the hardware. I love that it’s lightweight and looks relatively well-made. If there’s any downside to this is that I had to get over the shock of discovering that the inner lining was in hot pink (not shown here), it almost made me want to return the bag. haha.

Oh well, I guess the pinkness will eventually grow on me. I hope. Besides, this will definitely come in handy for those random out-of-town overnight trips (which sadly hardly ever happens) or for when you simply have to lug the whole production…and by whole production I am referring to your child’s stuff. Mommas, ya’ll know what I mean. 🙂 If you’re looking for a spacious diaper bag then this might be the bag for you.
009If you feel like doing some online retail therapy, these are the are the websites to check out:





9 thoughts on “Random Purchases + Product Reviews

    • Sorry I’m not sure if they have hypoallergenic stuff 😦 If they did then I’d be a happy camper. I am very allergic to some of their products. 😦

  1. that’s really sad you had allergic reactions with human nature. i am a big fan just because for health reasons i choose to use more chemical free products and human nature is really the most affordable in its kind. i was going to make a list of my fave online shops too and Cuzo made the cut. looks durable. the bag i’m using survived my trip to Japan and i was like putting 6 lbs (or probably even more come to think of it) stuff in it daily.

    • I’ve been wanting to post in your Japan entries! Unfortunately, the comment section seems to require a Google+ account and I deleted mine a long time ago 😦

      Yeah it’s sad that I’m allergic to some of their stuff. But I’m still a fan of the brand. Cuzo bags are great! I’m eyeing the Jess Coat bag next. 🙂

      • I got the Jess Coat (black one, this is the bag I used in Japan) and the Mica tote (if i remember correctly) which I have yet to test. Ang tibay ng Jess coat pero oo medyo nakakapanibago ang PINK lining haha. Naiinis na ako sa comments section ng blog ko makes me want to move to wordpress even more. Hay naku. 😦

  2. I use their balancing facial wash. I love the green particles that kinda scrubs my face when I wash. We use their citronella bug spray as insect repellant. It’s oil based, try that baka it’s more bagay on your skin. It’s what I use for my daughter, she has very sensitive skin (she has skin asthma) but she’s hiyang with the citronella spray.

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