She’s only 3 right?

It surprises me how at three years old, she already has her own set of “concerns”. Just the other day, she asked me (in her usual broken sentences) if I could talk to her teacher. She wanted me to tell her teacher that her name is “Tala”. So when we got to school, I took her hand and we went to the Teacher’s office. As it turns out, she has a new set of teachers for summer school and most of them can hardly remember the names of their students. It surprised me how it was so important for her that her teachers knew her name. When she heard me talking to the teacher, she was nodding the whole time and wore a big smile on her face. The look of satisfaction I guess.


Over the weekend, she was so amazed upon seeing the paper sea creatures at a store window display. She begged to borrow my iPhone so she can take photos. So I gave her my phone and there she was snapping away like there was no tomorrow. People around were amused to see such a small child taking cam photos of everything. Finally when she got tired doing that, she stood beside me on the sidewalk and took this photo to cap-off her mini photo-shoot that day. So very “shoe of the day”-ish I think.

It’s moments like these that makes it hard to believe that she’s only three. I can only imagine all the “grown-up” things she’ll end up doing in a year or two.


21 thoughts on “She’s only 3 right?

  1. You’ll be amazed at how they grow up. As they’re slipping away, you’ll realize how fast they grow up! I don’t have a toddler anymore boohoo! Enjoy the amazing journey Aimee!

  2. hahaha!!! just enjoy every minute of it… With my Amaya (the youngest among my 3 daughters) at her age right now, grabe! she is soooo talkative… and asked a lot of questions as well… so be ready to answer questions from Tala whether, trip lang niya magtanong just for the sake of asking, and serious questions na pati ikaw mapapaisip…

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