Creative Itch & Odd Dreams

I’ve been in a weird place lately. Not a bad place, but a very confusing one.

Since the start of the week, I’ve been thinking about working on a project. Something creative and fun. Something I can draw inspiration from and something I can own. If you ask me what that project is, I don’t know. Which is why I described this place as confusing. When a lot of people are struck by creative inspiration, they know exactly how to channel it. They have an outlet in mind and they just put their mind and soul into their project until it’s done.ย I on the other hand, have this burst of creative energy that it’s bordering into some sort of strange yearning, and I don’t have the slightest clue as to how to express it! I don’t know how this all started. It just hit me so unexpectedly and it has been looming in my consciousness both day and night.

Yes, I also dream about it at night. Well, technically I just get fragments that I don’t know how to interpret. Like last night for instance. I dreamt about some teenagers and kids (mostly girls) ย jumping on a white plush bed and wearing cute dainty pajamas. They were having the time of their lives smacking each other with pillows and laughing to their hearts content. I think there was even a shower of confetti somewhere. Either that or someone may have burst a pillow open and that was cotton or perhaps feathers that I saw floating in the air. I don’t remember exactly. Anyway, in that scenario, I was merely a spectator but it seems to me that they knew I was in the room. They would glance at my direction, not sure why but it partly felt like the whole thing was staged. Like we were in a photo shoot of some sort. But alas, like the rest of my dreams, I woke up and I didn’t get to find out what it all meant. The moment I opened my eyes I thought to myself… What the heck was that? What does it mean? Am I meant to throw a pajama party? Or be involved in a creative shoot? Or does it mean that I should come up with my own sleepwear? ย Am I putting too much thought in these random images in my head? Or do I consider it a sign?

How do you deal with something like this? Do you just ignore it or do you proactively try to seek it out? I have a feeling that this itch will just keep bugging me in the days, weeks, months to come until I’ve found out what exactly it is I should be doing. Have you ever had a similar experience before? How did you find out how to channel your creativity?


8 thoughts on “Creative Itch & Odd Dreams

  1. I think it helps that initially, you are aware of this creativity you want to put your finger on. Patience is the perfect virtue at this time…not an easy thing but in time, you’ll find it or it finds you.=> I’m sort of in this stage too.

  2. I know how it feels Aimee. That’s indeed a confusing stage. In my case, personally, just to get rid of the stress, usually I just try to help myself forget it. Hahah. Crazy right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I sometimes have dreams that are just too weird and very vivid. I also have a creative itch that I want to scratch, but, dunno how, and I doubt I will produce something creative because I’m not artsy-fartsy or good at crafts although I wanna be. I just try to make my dreams into stories for the meantime (that sometimes I don’t get to finish because I forgot about that dream, haha!), a material for the blog for now if you want to weave stories.. ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL at the pyjama party!

    • Hi Cym! Thanks for taking time out to read and comment on my post ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s nice to meet you here in the blogosphere. I’m glad to know you can relate to my current situation. It’s such a weird state to be in noh? ๐Ÿ™‚ I like what you said though, about making dreams into stories.

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