Weekend in La Union

Over the weekend, we took a six hour road trip to La Union. It was an exhausting trip but the excuse to go out-of-town again was a welcome break. I was the emcee to my cousin (in-law)’s 18th birthday party. Here in the Philippines, we call it the “Debut” and is similar to the Quinceañera, except that the debut is for girls turning 18.

It’s a pretty grand event and some families really save up months in advance just to make it happen. Catering, ball gowns, the works. It usually involves dancing with 18 of the closest men in the debutante’s life (18 roses), messages given by her closest friends (18 candles) and symbolic gifts that should help her in her journey (18 treasures). In some debuts, they even have a Cotillion De Honor where the debutante’s 18 friends perform a choreographed dance number so that involves days of rehearsals and hiring a professional dance instructor. Preparing for a debut is sort of like preparing for a wedding. So many details and it can get very expensive.

If you ask me if I had one, yes I did. We held it in a ballroom of a hotel and it had all the fancy princess-y details of a debut. I wore a pink puffy gown and I was escorted by my then boyfriend (cringe). I think I also wore a tiara. Remind me to burn those photos. haha. If I knew then what I know now, I should have just used all that money for travel to an exotic country.

Going back, here are some snapshots from that weekend. The event was held at a private beach house. This was the living room on the second floor. The living room on the first floor also looks like this. Both floors have two rooms each and a bathroom. 036

And that staircase leads to an attic


The balcony opens up to a view of the beach

And the most gorgeous sunset ever 065

I also had some snaps with the kiddo. Pardon the frizziness of the hair. I blame the sea breeze for that.

I swear, I had no idea she was making silly faces. Oh Tala.

The debutante’s hair.


And here’s the debutante all dressed up for her big day

It was a fun evening even if my feet were screaming from the pain for standing in heels for over THREE HOURS. A lot of the girls in our family are all turning 18 soon so I’m sure we’ll have more of these fun family gatherings. I just wish that next time, these kids will let me retire from hosting these family functions and just let me sit back and enjoy the program. haha.

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  1. I love La Union! Have you been to Thunder Bird beach resort in La Union? It’s one of the best beach resort I’ve been to!

    And naku Tala, you look more like your Mom and you act like your Dad! Haha! Mana mana lang yan ika nga nila. I love the interior design of the rest house, very modern and minimalistic. Oh and Belated Happy 18th Bday to your CIL! 🙂

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