One morning, the little girl rolled out of bed, stood up and said “Mommy something’s stuck in my hair. Please “merove (remove) it”. I asked her to turn around and what I saw made me gasp. There it was staring me in the face…a large ball of clay.

It took us all morning to take it out, with the help of some baby oil and shampoo. God knows how it ended up there. Well I shouldn’t be surprised. We’ve found Lego inside our gym shoes and pieces of broken crayons lodged in between pages of books. This falls along the same lines…I think.

Parents, does this sort of thing ever happen to you? Care to share those silly unpredictable moments you’ve had with your kid/s?

9 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. It happened to ME when I was a kid with chewing gum. My mom used baby oil too. Gearing up for moments like this with the Little Jedi. But im sure glad you didnt have to snip off her hair.

  2. Eek. I haven’t (yet) experienced this with my daughter. But I heard every parent goes through this — sort of like an initiation, haha.

  3. My daughter Ella fell asleep chewing bubblegum (I don’t know how she was able to get one)… next morning her pillow and her blanket were stuck together, and some were left in hair… had to use baby oil to remove it also.

  4. A, last night I got a tip from the Mrs. Alex Tinsay (via 700 club Asia) on how to remove bubble gum from clothes – freeze it! Or just apply ice on it until it hardens enough for you to scrub it off – then apply hot water and laundry powder. I guess it could also work for kids’ hair with bubblegum.

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