Moving Up

It was my little girl’s moving up ceremony last Friday. Back in the day, we didn’t have yearly “moving up” ceremonies. We just had graduations so this whole concept of “moving up” is completely alien to me. How times have changed.

She was supposed to wear another dress with lots of pink details but since the school required an all-white dress, I had to scour the mall for a special white dress. When I found this dress in SM, I instantly fell inlove with it. Aren’t those delicate swirls and rosettes just the prettiest? Found a matching headband too. Dress was P799 and the headband was a mere P39 only.


It’s not pink but she loves it. She was supposed to wear stockings but decided at the last minute not to make her wear them. She was throwing a fit. She says she can’t see her feet. The shoes were a gift.

We were almost late for the ceremony. I blame the bipolar weather…sunny one moment, raining the next. The moment we got to school the kids were already being called one by one on stage. We made it just in time for her walk. To be honest, I was welling up the whole time. Huge knot in my throat. Now I understand why our parents get so teary-eyed during graduation. And to think my kid only finished toddler school! I can imagine myself bawling during her high school graduation. Somebody stop me.

After the opening prayer, they called my little girl on stage to lead the national anthem. I was so nervous. She stood there with her palm on her chest. Finally when it was time to sing, she sang the anthem from start to finish. She did it! I wanted to run to the stage and hug her but they might call security on me.

022She received the “Artistic & Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence” award. Mr. D and I couldn’t be prouder! I must admit the award sort of confused us. The artistic part, we fully understand. Big yey for us! The interesting discussion was on the “kinesthetic” part. The father-in-law asked what that term was for being able to move things with one’s mind. Told him that’s called “telekinesis” and that’s different from kinesthetic. If it were telekinesis that my kid had then she wouldn’t be in preschool. She’d be under the tutelage of the likes of Professor Charles Xavier. I kid.

Anyway, thanks to Google we now fully understand what “kinesthetic intelligence” means. Bodily Kinesthetic intelligence is one of the nine types of multiple intelligence according to Howard Gardner. My child studies in a progressive school so they’re big on multiple intelligence. A person who has that kind of intelligence learns by doing and is geared towards action and movement. They have fine motor skills and they love action, the outdoors and figuring out how things work. They grow up to be great performers, dancers, actors, sculptors and would you believe surgeons? If it wasn’t for the award, I wouldn’t have figured that part about my kid. It took a medal and some Google time for me to fully understand my kid’s strengths. That really puts things in perspective for us. No wonder she never sits still when were doing homework.

We celebrate this milestone in our child’s life. For her, it must be all fun and play and since she’s only three years old, she’ll probably forget about everything that happened that day. But for us parents, we’ll always remember how she got up on that stage in her little white dress and received her award. Were on cloud 9 and we couldn’t be prouder.

078If you’re also celebrating your kid’s graduation or “moving up”, a big congratulations to your kid/s and a big high five to you! Cheers to us! šŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Moving Up

  1. Awww…naiiyak ako while reading this. Buti na lang you’re father-in-law interjected that telekinesis hirit hahaha!

    Congratulations to Tala and to the proud parents! šŸ˜€

  2. Congratulations to Tala and to you too!! She can also be an athlete if she has high kinesthetic intelligence šŸ™‚ and witwiw to you too Aimee ha!

  3. Awww your little girl’s so adorable! I love the last photo of the two of you. She’s cute and you’re hot šŸ™‚ Btw, it’s really good that you enrolled her in a progressive school. I’ve taken up Early Childhood Education for my post graduate studies and I’ve always championed the advancement of multiple intelligence theory in this country. Congratulations again to your lovely daughter and to her proud parents šŸ™‚

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