Fireworks Show

I had no specific plans for the weekend. All I knew was that I wanted to do something fun. Fate has its way of making things happen when you mentally verbalize your wishes. I stumbled on AskMeWhat’s giveaway, and so I decided to join. Luckily, I was one of the winners and I bagged two Gold tickets to the March 16 show.


I bought two more tickets because there was no way I was going to let my little girl miss out on the show. Yaya tagged along also. Here’s an awkward pic of me with my eyes closed, posing with the little girl and the man in stilts. I swear Mr. D did this on purpose. Earlier that day, I posted a photo of him asleep. Fine, we’re even! Ugh.

024MOA eye at dusk 028

It was China and Australia that were presenting that evening. We were in our “Gold” area (which is pretty much just a section of the park with steel barricades) at around 6:20pm. Gold is standing by the way, but you get an awesome view so we didn’t mind. We just sat on the concrete like everyone else.

It was a long wait though. Too long. The ticket said 7pm but the show started at 8pm. On the upside, once the show started we forgot all our discomforts because the show opened with a bang. Literally.

This was China’s presentation. Aren’t these the loveliest shades of pastel you’ve ever seen?

034Pompoms in the sky035Dandelions037This was nearing the finale. I love how “messy” these fireworks are. 047

Australia’s turn. It was a fusion of big and small pyrotechnics.

067Took this photo a few seconds too late. There were fireworks shaped like stars enclosed in a circle. You can still sort of see the shapes here.074Shades of yellow and orange084An explosion of different hues of lavender, orange and pink.  081

These are just some of the phenomenal pyrotechnics that filled the sky that evening. It was truly a sight to behold. Each presentation lasted about 15 minutes or so. The fireworks show was engineered in such a way that every burst of color in the sky was synchronized with music. I’m glad I got to experience the show. It was my first time. I will definitely be back next year.

Incase you haven’t watched the show yet, you have to catch the final show on March 23. You can buy tickets from MOA. If you opt to buy the standing tickets, just make sure you’ve eaten before the show. They also have VIP tickets that come with dinner. Here’s a tip though, a lot of the restaurants along the seaside have their own set of special rates that already covers food and of course a seat in their outdoors area. That way you can dine alfresco style while you get to enjoy the show. Rates are around P500 per head and is usually consumable (depending on the restaurant).

For more details about the 4th International Pyromusical Competition, check out their website here.


7 thoughts on “Fireworks Show

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  2. I have seen the opening show and the show with Netherlands and Italy. From what I saw, Netherlands was awesome! 🙂 too bad they didn’t fall into the prizes.

      • It was the best show I’ve ever seen 🙂 too bad they didn’t end in the top 3. Of course, I didn’t see all the countries, but I think it was not easy to do better than the Netherlands.

        Well, maybe better next year 😉

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