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It’s almost second nature to ladies to multi-task online. Work is in one window, Facebook or Twitter in another, and the rest of the windows are a gamut of online shopping sites. Are you one of these women? Admit it. You like lurking online stores to either plan your next purchases, or simply get style ideas. I’ve been on a self-proclaimed shopping ban but once in a while, I do indulge myself in an online purchase to acquire a trendy piece or two. However, in those days when frugality gets the better of me, I nag Mr. D to do the spending for me. Sometimes he says yes, and at times he pretends not to hear me. So I end up nagging him some more, only louder! 🙂

Here are some of the stuff I’ve been crushing on lately.

Sueño de Espadrilles remind me of those oh-so-comfy espadrilles that I used to wear back in high school. I love that these are making a comeback now and while browsing through Zalora, I find myself ogling these cute espadrilles that are so fit for long walks during the summer.


(Image screencapped from Zalora website)

And what’s best about these espadrilles is that for every purchase of a pair of shoes, P200 from the sale will go towards purchasing rafts, boats and school supplies for kids in Casili Elementary School in Rodriguez, Rizal. These children bravely cross a river and risk their lives just to attend class everyday. Watch this video to see what I’m talking about. For more details, like their Facebook page here.

And because summer is upon us (at least in our side of the planet), I have been daydreaming about white sand beaches and lying lazily in a hammock while indulging in a fresh fruit shake. Yes I can be very visual like that. And of course, when you’re in the beach, it would be nice to strut in a stylish swimsuit. I have been salivating over these two vintage-looking swimsuits over at City of Vintage.


(Images from their Facebook page)

Can I just say that I am so glad high-waisted bottoms are so on-trend now because this is the only type of cut I can imagine myself wearing! It can hide love handles, stretch marks and in my case, that nasty belly-ring scar I’ve had for ages. Yes, I used to have a belly ring. I also have a butterfly tattoo on my lower back. That’s another story.

Moving on…

Do you ever shop from Instagram sellers? There are hundreds of them out there and some are currently flooding my Instagram feed. Oh if you wish to follow me on IG, I go by iamaimeediego. I moderate follow requests though to weed out spam. Anyway, I saw one seller and she turned out to be my college friend’s younger sister! Since I’m highly selective when it comes to choosing online sellers to do business with, I figured if in the event that things go wrong at least I’ll know where to find her! haha. So when I saw this photo on her feed, my heart skipped a beat.


I have been looking for this watch for ages! Here’s a back story. About two months ago, I was on the train to work when I saw this girl. She was casually dressed in a loose white v-neck shirt, faded denim shorts, gold strappy braided sandals and had on aviator shades, a simple gold chain with an unusual looking pendant around her neck and a leather messenger bag across her shoulders. She exudes effortless style. I tried to memorize every detail in my head with the hopes of recreating the same look someday. I know, it sounds so “single white female”-ish of me.

I noticed that on her wrist, she wore a gold vintage Casio watch that wasn’t at all like those large vintage watches that are so on-trend now. Yes, the one that every single fashion blogger wears and is usually spruced up with a gazillion colorful bracelets most commonly known as “arm candies”. This one had a similar feel to it but it was small and dainty. There was an air of understated elegance about it. It also looks like the classic type of watch that our mothers used to wear and still keep in their jewelry boxes.

Ever since I saw that watch, I couldn’t get it out of my head. That was until I stumbled on that IG and the rest was shopping history! 🙂


Had to do a long shot to show you the size. It’s small and not too garish. My kind of watch. Today I wore it with an old bracelet that my sister gave me eons of years ago. Pardon the manly hands. I have knuckles the size of Pluto.

To check out the other watches, feel free to follow Empressive Shop on Facebook or sexychow on Instagram.

How about you, anything you’ve been fancying to buy online lately? 🙂 Oh and don’t forget, my blogversary giveaway ends in 3 days! To join, just click here.

5 thoughts on “Online Shopping

  1. i stalk a lot of online shops too (we’re eversince I became a mom, i mostly do my shopping online). this reminded me that pending post shortlisting my favorite online shops too. ugh. anyways, Zalora has became a recent favorite (because they always have items on sale! hehe) and also Threadless and Punchdrunkpanda. Chicify too because they mainly sell pinoy stuff 🙂

  2. I also like a vintage Casio watch that I saw from her, thank you very much for the recommendation 🙂 Oh and I also like Catalogue63 clothes. I actually haven’t tried buying online for myself but I have bought a lot for Lucas. 🙂 Mike is the master in online shopping 🙂

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